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4 Tropical Island Resort You Need to Visit Once

We all need to go on a vacation now and again to get away from the busy and monotonous city life we live every single day.

Snot everyone can afford to go on vacations on a whim, though. You need to be able to make time for it, as well as arrange the money.

Why not extend your budget?

If you save up for a luxury vacation like a trip to a tropical island resort, you will surely have the time of your life.

And you can spend that time with your partner or your loved ones. But you might not have any idea which tropical island resort to go to.

Don’t worry!

I’ve got a list of the 4 tropical island resorts you need to take a look at for your next vacation.

The Brando, Tahiti

If you go about 30 miles to the North of Tahiti, you will find a beautiful island called Tetiaroa, which is a stunning property you can only go to on a private plane.

35 villas!

Yes, the island has 35 of the best villas with Polynesian architecture that surrounds an amazing central lagoon!

What you will find on the beaches with white sand is breathtaking wildlife that includes various kinds of exotic birds, sea turtles, and more.

And the best part?

This resort is completely eco-friendly! 

They take decreasing their carbon footprint very seriously so that they can have a positive impact on the environment to preserve their traditions and local customs.

Kokomo Private Island, Fiji

If you go to Fiji, you have to visit the Kokomo Private Island, which is basically a paradise of islands designed by an Australian property developer.

You will find the island to be an industry-leading environment with a touch of state-of-the-art standards.

The building materials of this island are locally sourced to keep the Fijian architecture’s value intact.

Warm hospitality!

With the nine-bed spa and the 21 villas that include a pool, ocean view, and a private garden, you will not only receive a different kind of warmth but also luxury.

Isla Palenque, Panama

This private island is situated off the coast of the home of the iconic man-made waterway, Panama.

The Isla Palenque resort is the perfect place for all the explorers and seekers of the world. And this property is vast, about 400 acres.

If you go there, you will be able to experience a genuine tropical island that has beautiful environs with a profound historical experience.

That’s not all!

When you go there, you will see 6 villas and 8 casitas with a beach-front view, all within palm groves to keep in touch with nature.

And this is how you get the best of both worlds with the combination of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

You can find a luxurious sanctuary on this island, which is what the word Palenque actually means.

Jumby Bay Island, Antigua

A Caribbean resort experience is what you will get out of Jumby Bay Island, which is situated near Antigua.

It’s a stunning property!

With the combination of contemporary style with hints of traditional design, the property is nothing short of a paradise for its visitors.

Spread across the residences and villas; you will find forty suites on this private island that have all the elements of modern luxury.

There’s more!

On this beautiful private island, you will get amazing ocean views, wraparound terraces, and no shortage of plunge pools that you can treat yourself to.

And you can also take advantage of the spa treatment that implements the traditions of the West Indies.


Visiting a luxurious Tropical Island Resort is a dream come true for a lot of people. Even though these private islands are really expensive, they are today worth the money you might have spent elsewhere.


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