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5 Ultimate Day Trip Destinations from Pune

5 Ultimate Day Trip Destinations from Pune

Pune is one of the most happening cities of India and is mainly popular for having a significant number of student population, educational institutions and top Multi-National Companies. The city is also one of the most livable cities of the Indian state of Maharashtra and has many upsides to it: reasonable cost of living, less traffic, modern infrastructure, and plenty of fresh air to breathe. One of the most loved recreations for the young denizens of the city is escaping from the hustle and bustle of Pune to nearby places which are perfect for day trip destinations from Pune.

What are the places to visit near Pune?

Lavasa: India’s first planned city

The main appeal of Pune is its old-world charm of the Maratha Kingdom, historical monuments, regional food, beaches, and nightlife. The city is in close proximity to several tourist destinations including picturesque hill stations in the Sahayadri mountain range, warm beaches, trekking spots, and ghat roads with views to stunning natural scenery. Here’s our take on the best day trip destinations from Pune.

Lavasa must be on top of your bucket-list of day trip destinations from Pune. Lavasa is actually a privately built city and visiting the town will give you a feeling that you are in the Italian town of Portofino as it looks very similar and also most of the names of the buildings of Lavasa are borrowed from Portofino. Interestingly the hill city is named after the nearby Lavasa Lake and is famous for all kinds of water sports, a must-visit place.

Distance: 57 km from Pune

Panchgani: A popular hill-Station

Soak up in the beauty of Panchgani that has a rich biodiversity of wildlife and plants. Popularly known as the ‘Land of Five Tables’, the place is home to a volcanic plateau and is perfect for an adventure travel where you can do fun things like camping and waterfall rappelling. The must-do is catching a glimpse of the iconic Kamalgad Fort from the two popular vantage points of the hill station: Sydney Point and Parsi Point.

Distance: 102 km from Pune

Tamhini Ghat: A narrow and winding ghat road

This must be on top of your bucket-list of day trip destinations from Pune if you are interested in a thrilling bike ride along the narrow and winding roads of the ghat section in the Western Ghats ofMaharashtra.  Tamhini Ghat interlinks Pune with the Konkan region and along the way you can spot some beautiful valleys, spectacular waterfalls, and the iconic Temghar dam. Taking snapshots of the scenic spots is unmissable during the ride.

Distance: 57 km from Pune

Rajmachi Trek:A trekking spot in the Sahayadri Mountain range

This famous trekking trail is set in a picturesque location in the Sahayadri mountain range of the Western Ghats and is easily accessible by taking a train from the Lonavala Railway Station, about 230 km apart in distance. The trek isn’t a difficult one as it is not at a very high altitude but trekking in the monsoon can be quite challenging as the trail can get marshy and slippery due to the rains. The must-do is taking a tour of the captivating Rajmachi Fort.

Distance:  78 km from Pune

Matheran: A hill station with fresh air to breathe

This is another of the popular day trip destinations from Pune that’s worth visiting for a weekend getaway. The main appeal of this picturesque hill station is its old colonial buildings and 39 majestic mountain peaks covered with lush greenery. Set beautifully in the Sahayadri Mountains, about 80 km from Pune, Matheran is one of the best places to visit near Pune within 200 km.

Distance: 80 km from Pune

Now that you have got a good insight on the best day trip destinations from Pune, don’t you think it’s about time you started a one day trip in Maharashtra? If you are not living in Pune and you still are interested in day trip destinations from Pune then you must fly to Pune to get your one day trip near Pune started. Have your cheap flights to India booked with Indian Eagle[S1] right away for leveraging the lowest airfares.



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