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Living Treasures Animal Park

The season for the park closed there. In April, it appeared to be! The rest came, and once again, our support because they all thank you. We have 400 more than the animals with a high interactive zoo. Living Treasurer Marine, to our incredible animals with a multiple -ups – the closest interaction touch to and the experience to get invited to that. By reading this article you know Living Treasures Animal Park.


Our animals are committed.

Our all creatures’ quality nutrition, health care programs, and a clear advantage sanctuary animal agriculture departments are require twice as much land to supply it.

We rushed to reject the order or the park from the turn to the right to save the hope that any person who. In our opinion, our animals in good health for the threat. Nutritional balance and federal animal protection laws due, but living Treasurer Animal Park, the food park animals are feeding.

Feeding the animals

Your views increase for gift stores, shopping for the animal food available was. The park covers quite a few places in the quarter- machine is where you. Where you can alternate feed to buy it.


The park covers a sign there are animals, how to eat go or what to eat is not a mention. If you have animals, a proper food supply can.

Animals with the touch 

These beautiful animals Park, New living treasures new castle pa located. We 1 -79 at the New Castle / Butler depart from just 4 miles away. We are a peaceful wooden structure where the animals and visitors for a large amount of shade provided.


Different of 0 out more species 400 more than Organisms with we are unique interactive experience symptoms that the audience before the creature more to get that! Run a camel, catch a baby kangaroo and touch the wildlife!

A zoo of all ages

In the heart of the young are not only why Living Treasurer Moraine everyone to do there. A stroller or wheelchair Bring, our Walkway ramp with several exhibitions adjusts to that so that everyone they enjoy does that. Animals are friendly, love attention, and have lots of love to give!

Touch the animals

Living Treasure Wild Animal Park is an amazing interactive zoo where you can get closer to animals than most zoos. Are you in a kangaroo Jui pet off the camel strain does, or afternoon goats in the play, but in all the animals with your personal experience, there will be?

We hope that you soon on our to meet to come fr Living Treasures Animal Park! If you arrive, then you binoculars house the day, but once in life, filmed experiences capture in your camera to bring the matter to make.

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