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Tips For Travelling Alone For The First Time

All travel freaks would like to travel in every way they can. Whether it is about travelling alone, with friends, or family, they won’t like to miss any chance. But have you ever thought how difficult it is going to be while travelling alone for the first time?

Well, the first time everything is always daunting. But that is also like an experience that teaches us a lot. This concept will give you every tip on how you can eliminate the hassles in your solo trip.

What To Do For Travelling Alone For The First Time

The first-time solo trip should never be without planning. That’s why we are here to give you some tips on this subject.

Select The Right Destination 

You are travelling alone, and you don’t want to get lost in your destination. This can happen when you don’t know the native language of that particular place or maybe the place doesn’t host travellers. If you don’t want such hassles, consider choosing solo-friendly destinations.

There are many places around the world where almost every person knows English. Since you are alone, you can have the problem of getting help from other people to translate. So better to choose a destination where English is spoken widely. These could be Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, etc.

It can be hard for first-time travellers to arrange accommodation, transportation, etc in a new country. That’s why opt for those tourist spots where they are hosting everything for the travellers.

Make A Budget

After you choose your tourist spot, it’s high time that you make your budget. As you are going to a different place, you will need to buy food, book a taxi, rent a room, and many more. You have to decide whether you want to lead a mediocre lifestyle or a lavish lifestyle there. Based on that you have to decide your budget for the journey and days you will be living in your destination.

Before making the budget, we would recommend making an itinerary for your destination place. Then go through the travel guides and read out the event guides for activities. 

Plan Your Transportation And Accommodation 

We want you to crack the good airfare. For that, you must compare the flight prices. You can get help from the travel search engine. Also, plan for the ticket or taxi that you may need to take after landing at your destination. Your airport security, documents, and accommodation are something you need to prepare in advance.

Be Ready With A Backup Plan

Always be ready with a backup plan especially when you are planning for an international trip. Sometimes we see that our flights are cancelled or delayed which ruins our whole trip. You can make your backup plan only when you know your accommodation contacts and flight information. 

Research About Your Destination

As you are travelling for the first time, you can’t take the risk of not knowing about your destination. Be certain about everything in that location. For instance, you can research the food items, people, dressing sense, etc of that place. Also, try to know the common phrases that people of that location use often.

Take Your Passport

A passport is a must-have for travelling internationally. Besides, the passport should be up to date. If your passport has crossed its expiry date, you need to make a new one. This will take around six months. Also, remember to take the travel documents along.

Pack Your Essentials

You are travelling alone, and we don’t want you to slow down on your trip. That’s why we would suggest taking fewer things so that the number of luggage becomes less. As a result, you can enjoy mobility in your journey with zero disturbance.

Well, you can carry two pairs of shoes, one jacket, three jeans, 5 shirts, two pairs of socks, and some underwear. Then you can carry a map and a first aid kit as essentials. To pass your time, you can take cards or a book to eliminate boredom while travelling.

Ensure Your Safety

You are going to a place alone, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be in touch with someone. Your safety comes first. So always share your updates with your close ones about when and where you are going.

Don’t forget to share your location with your trusted person when you step out. Also, let him know if any sort of changes take place in your journey. This will ensure your safety indirectly.

Be Attentive To Your Surrounding

I know you are excited about your solo trip, but you can’t afford mistakes as you will be alone there. Wherever you go be certain of your belongings and the people around you 

Arrange A Local SIM card

Staying connected to your trusted person is a way of security you are giving to yourself. You will get SIM card options in many countries that will allow you to access your phone in another country. Hence, you can get access to the map of your current city, look for transportation means, order Uber, etc. And of course, you can call your family and friends every now and then with the local SIM card of your dream location.

Act Local

I think a solo traveller shouldn’t draw attention towards him for the sake of his comfort and safety. Be confident wherever you go and know every place where you are heading. Don’t act like you are struggling to find a location or start at anything. Take help from the map instead. This is because many people in many tourist spots keep an eye on tourists to find scammers.

Keep Your Possessions Safe

You are in a completely new destination and no one is there to take care of your belongings. You have to do it by yourself. Besides, there is a high chance of things getting stolen when you have no partner with you on your trip. So give a check to your passport, cash, documents, credit cards, etc every now and then.

Acquaint Yourself Into The City

You have to stay safe while travelling, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself with anyone. This is the chance when you can meet new people and make new friends, but choose your companion wisely. Also, ask the local people about the nearest restaurants, pharmacies, etc. that can be best suited for you.

Try going to the events happening at your location. This can give you new experiences and help make new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions On Travelling Alone For The First Time 

What is the best age for travelling alone for the first time?

It is very important to be mature enough to travel alone for the first time. You will not have anybody’s back when you are exploring destinations and people. The best age would be 25 to travel long distances alone.

What would be the best place to travel alone?

Make sure you are choosing a country that is rich in culture for your solo trip. Thailand and Bali are some of the popular destinations that are very welcoming to travellers.

Is a solo trip hard?

Your first solo trip can be daunting for you as you haven’t experienced it yet. You need to be a thousand times more careful this time as there will be no one to save you in that unknown city. But the second time, you may feel a solo trip is the most beautiful thing in this world.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about the tips for travelling alone for the first time. Yet we would like to have a glance at this concept again in brief.

Your first-ever solo trip should be done with proper planning. You must decide your budget, accommodation, means of transportation, food, etc in advance. Most importantly, you must stay confident enough in your whole journey. 

Meta Description

You must make plans before travelling alone for the first time. Like, choosing the right spot, booking a flight, etc. Also, you have to stay confident in your trip.

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