Difference Between Driving And Travelling

We human beings are always on the move, whether it is for recreation or work. Some of the necessary and enjoyable movements include driving and travelling. But what is the difference between driving and travelling

When we go from our present location to a destination, we use a transport system. This can be a car, truck, wagon, or any vehicle. The person who operates the vehicle is the driver, and his act is driving. Meanwhile, going from the present location to the destination is travelling. This is not where the differences between driving and travelling ends. There is more to explore about this subject. Stay tuned.

All About Driving

Driving means operating a transport or vehicle to go to different places. The means of transport can be a car, bicycle, motorcycle, truck, bus, train, aeroplane, and so on. The driver can carry many people in the vehicle, depending on its space. Some people drive within their country, and some people drive from one country to another. But it doesn’t mean you can drive whenever you want. There are some formalities you need to follow. 

For instance, you will need a license to drive a transport or vehicle. Then you need additional permission to drive overseas. Another important thing to drive is skill. Whether it is a bicycle or an aeroplane, you must know how to drive. Besides, driving is not a cakewalk. It depends on the vehicle and how much knowledge you need to drive it. Sometimes reckless and careless driving leads to accidents. Hence, you can’t compromise with being attentive while driving.

All About Travelling

Travelling means going from one place to another. In this case, you can either be the driver or the passenger. Travelling includes the act of moving to destinations alone, with friends, family, or any other people. This can be done by walking or riding in a car, ship, train, or aeroplane. For travelling short distances, you can prefer to go by foot, bicycle, or rickshaw. On the other hand, to travel long distances, you will need means of transport like cars, trains, ships, etc. You can also travel overseas, but for that, you have to use an aeroplane, ship, helicopter, or underground train. 

Like driving, travelling also requires some rules and regulations, especially for long distances. For example, if you want to travel to a different country, you will need a passport and visa. 

Unlike the driver, the traveller doesn’t need to be good at operating the vehicle. He just needs to know where he is going. 

People don’t travel only as tourists. Some people travel to study in a different place, to go to work, to meet somebody, and so on.

Difference Between Driving And Travelling 

It is quite clear that there are many differences between driving and travelling. But knowing the basic differences is not enough. For clear knowledge, it is important to get into the depths of driving and travelling differences.


Although we can relate a lot to driving and travelling, their perceptions are different. Driving seems like a necessary task, i.e., to go from one place to another. It can be to go to college, an office, a market, a hospital, a restaurant, etc. 

You want to do something, and for that, you need to reach a significant place. If the destination is a long distance you have to opt for driving if you have that skill.

On the other hand, people travel for necessity, fun, and adventure. For example, you are going on vacation. This will make you travel. Meanwhile, going to work will also make you travel. Sometimes it will give you enjoyment and sometimes anxiety. 


Driving and travelling are different verbs and different tasks. Its processes are also different. For each task, you need to do some planning.

Let’s say you are the driver. For that, you have to be vocal about the routes, other vehicles on the street, traffic lights, traffic rules, considerations, and many more. Most importantly, you have to be alert about the vehicle’s condition. 

Sometimes the traffic and construction areas ruin cars and trucks. That’s why you need to be mindful about your driving process to keep the vehicle safe. Last but not least, your vehicle must have enough gas or fuel for its operation. This also includes the process of driving. In terms of travelling, the process is quite simple. You need to decide your transportation way and destination.


As said before, driving requires skills and knowledge, but travelling doesn’t. You need to operate a vehicle for it, and there are several systems in a vehicle, like an accelerator, clutch, etc. Another necessary thing to drive is sheer attention and better eyesight since the driver must keep an eye everywhere near the vehicle.

Travelling doesn’t require much skill compared to driving. If you are travelling alone, you must be knowledgeable about the place and route you are going to. But if you are going under someone’s dominance, you can be tension-free to some extent. All you need to do is get into the transport and be at the destination.


The cost of driving and travelling can vary. If you drive a long distance, you will need more fuel, and more fuel means more cost. Besides, the insurance of the vehicle will make you pay a handsome amount.

The cost of travelling can be a bit more if the destination is far. Let’s say you are going to a different location in your city. For that, you just need to pay for the taxi or cab. But if you go to a different country, you need to pay for your flight, accommodation, food, and so on. 

Importance Of Driving And Travelling

Driving is all about being behind the wheel with specific knowledge while travelling is all about exploring and experiencing. Both of these tasks have importance in their way. However, the common thing is that with these two tasks, you shall maintain safety in both of them. 

Through driving, you can get to a destination, be it for an outing or work. No matter what, driving is important and is one of the most essential skills. If there were no drivers, maybe we couldn’t travel long distances.

Like driving, travelling is another important task that most of us do. You can’t do without travelling if you need to go to the office, market, etc. One plus point is a traveller gets to explore destinations. Some travellers explore destinations for knowledge, some explore for need, and some explore by chance. But no doubt, a traveller carries multiple knowledge about the places and routes where he travels.

Frequently Asked Questions: Difference Between Driving And Travelling

What is the difference between driving and travelling in America?

In America, people consider driving as operating a vehicle and travelling as going from one place to another.

Are travelling and moving different from each other?

Yes, travelling and moving are two different tasks. Travelling includes the action of experiencing places and destinations, whereas moving determines the action of work.

Are travel and tourism the same?

Tourism can be travel, but travel is not always tourism. You may travel for need or work; meanwhile, you tour for enjoyment and recreation. Hence, travel and tourism cannot be the same every time.

Can all people drive and travel?

All people can travel, but all people can’t drive. The driver should have skill, insurance, and so on, and the vehicle must be under insurance. A traveller doesn’t need any skill but basic awareness and mindfulness about where he is going.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about the difference between driving and travelling. Yet, we can have a short discussion over the topic again. Driving is all about using and operating a transport system to go to different places. It also requires skills depending on the type of vehicle. Contrastingly, travelling is the act of going to different places. This may require a transport system or you can go on walking, depending on the distance. However, this task requires almost no skill or less skill. Sometimes you need no skill at all to travel when you are travelling under someone’s guidance.

Meta Description

The difference between driving and travelling is a skill. For driving, you need skill, a license, etc., and for travelling, you just need to know the destination and route.


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