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Best Travel Savvy Mom Blog to Follow

Being a mom is not just a wonderful enigma that only mothers can relate to, but it is also very exhausting, indeed.

You can never really take a break from being a mother. But what you can do is take a break with your kids and family.

Yes, you can!

If traveling was always on your mind that became a second priority after the kids, just bring them along with you.

Scared you’ll mess up?

Don’t you worry one bit! I have come up with a list of travel savvy mom blog that you will find so relatable and inspiring that you might just feel tempted to hop on the next flight to your adventure destination.

Let’s begin!

Wanderlust Crew

Wanderlust Crew

The Wanderlust Crew is one of the best and most inspiring travel savvy mom blog that you could find on the web.

This blog is about the 6 family members, Abbi, Paul, Vanessa, Jackson, Ethan, and Emily, who found the courage to live while traveling the beautiful world.

Can you imagine?

Most days, they wake up in a new destination and find themselves enjoying the culture, food, and adventure that leads them to the next stop.

This family shares all of their tips and tricks for mothers who want to live a similar life with lots of experiences. 

If you can’t afford to go on luxury vacations, this family has got your back with the most affordable plans for family trips up their sleeves.

La Jolla Mom

La Jolla Mom

Katie is the writer of La Jolla Mom, which is one of the best travel savvy mom blog, right up your alley.

She didn’t intend to write as a traveling mother, as she started this blog to write on topics like motherhood and lifestyle.

But it turned out to become a travel savvy mom blog when she started to write about her travel business experiences in Hong Kong.

Now she writes mostly about San Diego and all the places, food, and other things you can enjoy when you are there.

And guess what?

Her family still goes on trips around the world, and she keeps updating her readers on new tips on these places.

Adventure Mom

Adventure Mom

Another great travel savvy mom blog, Adventure Mon, is where Nedra McDaniel shares her travel adventures both in Cincinnati and other destinations.

This mom loves traveling with her family, and most of all, she loves sharing all her experiences with her readers.

Hidden gems!

Oh, yeah! She explores new places and doesn’t shy away from challenges, which leads her to find places that nobody talks about.

And these places are so unique and adventurous that you have to read about them and visit them someday.

If you think being a mother can get boring sometimes, this blog will revive you and your desire to travel and enjoy your life with your family.

Jetlag & Mayhem

Jetlag & Mayhem

Nicole was never someone who could settle down in one place. She had traveled around various destinations since she was just a kid.

A special childhood!

The innate desire to travel across the world was never dimmed, even when she gave birth to her beautiful kids.

After all, she didn’t want her kids to miss out on the4 kind of adventure she was used to growing up and even in her adulthood.

So they traveled too!

This woman traveled to about 17 countries or more and brought her kids along with her. She dealt with all the mayhem that comes with traveling with your kids.

And she is here to tell you exactly how to take on this challenge through her blog Jetlag & Mayhem!


The travel savvy mom blog I talked about today makes me believe in mom power. A mother can truly achieve it all if she can gather up her courage and face her challenges head-on. And she can even travel with her kids around the world with as little hiccups as possible.

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