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Discover East Africa with Benson Safaris Tanzania: An Unforgettable Journey


Welcome to Benson Safaris Tanzania, where your dreams of exploring the wild and stunning landscapes of East Africa come to life. Our curated safari packages offer something for everyone, whether you’re seeking thrilling wildlife encounters, relaxing beach escapes, or challenging mountain treks. For those looking for an exceptional experience, we also offer the ultimate Luxury Safari in Tanzania, ensuring comfort and exclusivity as you explore the wonders of this region. As a travel specialist passionate about East Africa, I can assure you that our tours will leave you with unforgettable memories Benson Safaris Tanzania and a profound appreciation for this extraordinary region.

Thrilling Wildlife Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania is renowned for its breathtaking national parks and abundant wildlife. At Benson Safaris Tanzania, we specialize in providing thrilling wildlife safaris that offer close encounters with the iconic Big Five: lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinos.

Serengeti National Park

Benson Safaris Tanzania – One of the crown jewels of Tanzania is the Serengeti National Park, famous for its annual Great Migration. Witnessing millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles traverse the plains in search of greener pastures is a spectacle like no other. Our expert guides will take you on game drives through the Serengeti, where you can observe predators such as lions and cheetahs in action as they hunt amidst the vast savannah.

Ngorongoro Crater

Another must-visit destination is the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This ancient volcanic caldera is home to a thriving ecosystem, including a dense population of lions, elephants, and hippos. The crater’s unique geography creates a natural enclosure, providing excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. Our knowledgeable guides will share insights into the crater’s history and the incredible biodiversity it supports.

Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks

For a more diverse safari experience, we offer tours to Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks. Tarangire is known for its large herds of elephants and iconic baobab trees, while Lake Manyara boasts a stunning alkaline lake that attracts thousands of flamingos and other bird species. These parks provide a different perspective on Tanzania’s wildlife and landscapes, ensuring a well-rounded safari experience.

Relaxing Beach Breaks in Zanzibar

After the excitement of a safari, there’s no better way to unwind than on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar. This idyllic island, located off the coast of Tanzania, is a tropical paradise known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs.

Stone Town

Begin your Zanzibar adventure in Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site with a rich history and unique blend of cultures. Wander through the narrow streets, visit the bustling markets, and explore historic sites such as the House of Wonders and the Old Fort. Stone Town’s vibrant atmosphere and fascinating history perfectly introduce the island.

Beach Resorts

From Stone Town, head to one of Zanzibar’s luxurious beach resorts. Whether you prefer the tranquil shores of Nungwi in the north or the serene beaches of Paje in the east, you’ll find the perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate. Spend your days lounging on the beach, snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, or indulging in a spa treatment. Zanzibar’s warm hospitality and stunning scenery make it an ideal destination for a beach break.

Challenging Mountain Treks: Kilimanjaro and Meru

For those seeking adventure and a physical challenge, our mountain treks offer the opportunity to conquer some of Africa’s highest peaks. Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru are two of Tanzania’s most iconic mountains, each offering a unique trekking experience.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, is a bucket-list destination for many trekkers. Our guided Kilimanjaro treks provide a safe and supportive environment for climbers of all levels. Choose from various routes, such as the famous Marangu Route or the scenic Machame Route, and journey through diverse ecosystems, from lush rainforests to alpine deserts. Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro at Uhuru Peak is a rewarding and unforgettable achievement.

Mount Meru

For a less challenging but rewarding trek, consider Mount Meru. Located in Arusha National Park, Mount Meru is Tanzania’s second-highest peak. The trek to the summit of Mount Meru offers stunning views of Kilimanjaro and the surrounding landscapes. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to spot wildlife, such as giraffes and buffalos, and explore the park’s lush forests and open grasslands. The final ascent to the summit is a thrilling experience, with panoramic views that make the effort worthwhile.

Comprehensive East Africa Safari Experiences: Benson Safaris Tanzania

While Tanzania offers a wealth of attractions, our East Africa safari packages extend beyond its borders to include the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. These comprehensive tours provide a broader perspective on the beauty and wonder of East Africa.

Kenya: Maasai Mara and Amboseli

In Kenya, the Maasai Mara National Reserve is a must-visit destination. Known for its incredible wildlife and the annual migration of wildebeest and zebras, the Maasai Mara offers exceptional game viewing opportunities. Our expert guides will take you on game drives through the reserve, where you can witness the interactions between predators and prey and experience the rich culture of the Maasai people of the Benson Safaris Tanzania.

Another highlight of Kenya is Amboseli National Park, renowned for its stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro and large elephant herds. The park’s unique landscape, with its swamps and open plains, provides a dramatic backdrop for wildlife photography and Benson Safaris Tanzania observation.

Rwanda: Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda offers a unique and unforgettable experience: gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure allows you to meet with endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Our guided treks allow us to observe these magnificent creatures up close and learn about their behavior and conservation efforts. The lush forests and volcanic landscapes of Volcanoes National Park add to the magic of this extraordinary experience of Benson Safaris Tanzania.

Uganda: Chimpanzee Trekking and Wildlife Safaris

Uganda, known as the “Pearl of Africa,” offers various attractions, from chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest to wildlife Benson Safaris Tanzania in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Our Uganda safari packages include guided treks to see chimpanzees in their natural habitat, where you can observe their playful behavior and complex social interactions.

In Queen Elizabeth National Park, you’ll see a wide variety of wildlife, including lions, elephants, and hippos. The park’s diverse ecosystems provide a rich and varied safari experience, from savannahs to wetlands.


At Benson Safaris Tanzania , we are committed to providing exceptional safari experiences that showcase the beauty and diversity of East Africa. Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling wildlife safari, relaxing on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, challenging yourself with a mountain trek, or exploring the diverse landscapes of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, our expert guides will ensure your journey is unforgettable.

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