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Experience Overnight Desert Safari With Ultra Bounties

Dubai is a globally popular tourist attraction due to its great giant skyscrapers and phenomenal natural assets. Out of its precious natural resources, a golden sand sea lies in the southern region.

The terrain is a busy traveller’s spot as it attracts them to its spellbound beauty at different times of the day. Whether you want to spend a night, watch the sunrise, or solely want to experience exhilarating activities, this place is perfect.

An overnight desert safari Dubai is a great pick if you want to experience a night in the Arabian desert. So are you already in to live the best time of your life in one affordable overnight? Check out the amenities offered in an overnight tour of the Arabian dunes.

What Awaits You in an Overnight Desert Safari?

1.   Pick Up

An overnight tour to the majestic dunes begins with a pickup from a specific spot. Either your home or suit. There are also some amazing tour operators, such as Happy Adventures Tourism. Who offer to pick and drop service via bus from the centralized location points. You leave the hazy city glam and enter the serenity of the conservation reserve in a 4WD. Usually, a land cruiser stops at your doorstep, driven by a licensed trained professional.

 In case of any sort of emergency, the drivers are trained on how to provide first aid. A standard desert safari in Dubai begins during late afternoons and runs for six continuous hours. If you are wandering with a calculated pocket, an overnight expedition is quite affordable. As it offers more entertainment with less expenditure.


2.   The Reddening Dunes

Leaving the city glitz behind would be worth it if you get a chance to witness the magical sunset at the dunes. The gradient hues of the drowning sun are spread over the whole terrain and entrap the beholder. The exquisite landscape of the dunes is so alluring to witness during the early hours of dusk.

If you are in Dubai with nothing much to do in the overnights, never miss the opportunity to view the spellbinding sunset at its conservation reserve. There’s a lot more natural beauty to discover on this amazing desert safari tour that you won’t have experienced before. Such as the rare flora and fauna, the majestic golden dunes, racing camels, and wild eagle owls.

3.   Dune Bashing and Quad Biking

Your search for meeting the ultimate thrill end here in the land of nomads! Desert safari offers a great chance to drift heavy-duty terrain vehicles off the high dunes. Dune bashing is a famous activity you’ll see going on the golden arena of the desert. The skilled drivers take as many as five people in a 4×4 SUV across the bumpy dunes.

Quad biking is another enthralling dune activity in which all you need is some training for the expert. Afterwards, you are ready to hit the high dunes on your quad bike. These terrain SUVs are equipped with safety kits and roll cages so that the rider remains protected from accidents. So brush away your fear and fasten your seat belt! Because you are about to meet the thrill like never before.

4.   Sandboarding and Camel Riding

There are pretty exciting activities available there for teens and kids as well. Sandboarding is a super riotous dune activity that is enjoyed by most visitors. Enjoy smooth slithering moves on the high slopes of dunes and land in chuckles. Camel riding is another adventurous activity to encounter on the terrain. Riding on the camel’s hump allows you to explore the dunes from a wanderer’s view.

5.   Cultural Activities

Enjoy henna painting on your hands and feet. Click some cool snaps of you and your squad in traditional outfits that are worn by the natives of Dubai, such as Kandura. The heritage hunting sport, Falconry also catches your attention. In this, the national bird, falcon, portrays luring and sweeping stunts in the sand. This is the traditional hunting method of Arabs.

6.   Entertainment Night

overnight desert safari is not only famous for exhilarating sand sports. It is also known for its dynamic entertainment night. See the colours of nightlife in the middle of the Arabian dunes and experience an unforgettable vista. The live stage at the dunes depicts the true colours of Arabian culture when the artists stun everyone on the seats.

Enjoy the famous Arabian Tanura dance, stickmen stunts, fire show, and stunning belly dance. All these enchanting dance forms are performed under one roof at the entertainment arena of the Arabian terrain.

7.   Refreshments and Dinner

Dubai invites you to the luscious feast in a nomadic arena. There is a variety of Arabian and international meals set on the buffet for you to satisfy your cravings. Get your hands on a glass full of super refreshing soft drinks, mocktails, and beverages that are freely accessible.

Relax on your couch, lying on the sand bed while having the sips of special Arabian coffee along with dates. You can also enjoy snacks & tea, and smoulder shisha & hookah. These are the traditional Arabian regimes presented to you in modern customs.

8.   Camping and Bonfire

If you are an adventure lover and looking for the best landscape to pitch your camp,  you are at the right place! Grab a desert safari during the dusk and rest in exclusive camps. These camps are themed on the old-Bedouin lifestyle. Staying in these camps is a timeless experience as you’ll be pledged with the old nomadic vibe. Step out of your camp and enjoy the blazing bonfire along with your squad. Throwing a bonfire creates more charisma in your venture to the Arabian desert.



The most vivacious experience of a lifetime awaits you at the terrain of Dubai. From bashing over the bumpy red dunes to screaming over the astonishing stunts of firemen, a desert safari is a blast of excitement. Rest in the Bedouin camp, ride over a camel’s hump, enjoy the divine eatery, and shoot the magical sunset.

There are countless opportunities for adventure freaks to live the best out of an overnight desert safari in Dubai. Hire a professional guide for assistance so that your tour would be less distressing and more exciting.

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