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Five best peaks to climb in Nepal for an adventure holiday

Nepal is a small county in the lap of the Himalayans. Tourists are attracted to Nepal because of its beautiful ranges of Himalayans and the adventure you can experience from it. Many mountaineers visit Nepal each year to climb beautiful mountains and trek in beautiful trails. Nepal is known in the whole world for its high-altitude mountains that challenge mountaineers all over the world.

SAGARMATHA (Mt. Everest, 8,848 meters), the world’s highest mountain peak, is Nepal. Climbing to Mount Everest is a dream come true for every climber in the world. Out of 14 above 8000 meters globally, eight peaks are in Nepal, which is precious. The challenges in climbing mountains and finally reaching the summit are a feeling that cannot be presented.

The Sherpa communities receding in the Himalayans zone have been helping many international and national climbers to make it up to the summit. All those difficulties and pain will go away after you reach the summit and feel that cold air blowing in the top. The fantastic view of mountain ranges you will see from the summit is eye-appealing. You will feel heaven being on the earth. 

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Some mountain peaks which are supposed to be great to climb are listed below:

Mount Everest

The world’s highest peak Mount Everest or Sagarmatha, is 8,848 meters above sea level. Everest is in the Solukhumbu District of Nepal. Mount Everest has always been an attraction to climbers and non-climber all over the world. 

It would help if you got a climbing permit before you climb the mountains. There will be some Sherpa who will help and guide you on your tour. The climb to Mount Everest isn’t that technical, but being high at altitude might be challenging. You will need to carry oxygen cylinders for your survival. 

The mountains above 8000 meters are listed as Death zone because you will have no services for any medical emergencies. You need to be an experienced climber to climb Mount Everest. The experience you will gain climbing Everest will always remain in your heart. You need to be well equipped, physically and mentally fit to climb the mountain. 

The significant challenges in climbing Everest will be altitude sickness, the freezing temperature, fluctuating weather, falls, avalanches, crevasses, and even summit fever. Most climbers in Everest have not made it back from the summit due to avalanches, exposure, and falls.

Mount Annapurna 

The great Annapurna is the 10th highest and most dangerous mountain in the world. The altitude of Annapurna is 8,091 meters. The beautiful range of Annapurna lies in the Gandaki Zone of Nepal. 

Annapurna is a technically challenging mountain to climb but will give you the feeling of satisfaction once you reach the summit. It has been a passion for the top-level mountaineers all over the world. You need to be highly trained and experienced to make it up to the summit. The hard way to heaven is Annapurna. 

The beautiful villages on your way to Annapurna base camp will help you learn about different cultures and traditions. Unbalanced Ice walls and deep snow will surely make your journey more difficult. It would be best if you carried oxygen cylinders as the mountain is very high in altitude. 

There is a low chance of making up to the summit as many climbers have returned from base camps, but the joy and experience you will gain cannot be explained.

Mount Tilicho 

The Tilicho Mountain is 7134 meters above sea level. This mountain lies to the northwest of the Annapurna, which is quite tricky to climb. Tilicho Mountain is said to be one of the most technical and challenging peaks to climb in Nepal.

The base camp for this climb lies near Tilicho Lake, the highest altitude lake in the world. The stunning view of Lake Tilicho from the base camp is mind-blowing. 

You can reach the base camp in 2 ways: Marshyandi Valley trail and Kali Gandaki Valley trail. It may take you two to three days to reach the summit from its base camp. Your journey toward the Tilicho base camp will start from Jomsom, Mustang. 

The views on your way are mesmerizing. The most brutal pass on the way to the summit is Mesokanto pass, which is 5300 meters. The climb to the summit will have difficulties, but once you reach the summit, all your pain and problems will be taken by the breathtaking view. 

Mount Ganesh Himal

Ganesh Himal is one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in Nepal. This Peak’s altitude at 7,446 meters from sea level. The proud Mount Ganesh lies northwest of Kathmandu and east of Mount Langtang. The pretty view of Ganesh Himal can be seen from Kathmandu Valley in clean weather. 

The trek toward the Ganesh Himal summit starts from Syabru Bensi, an 8-9 hours drive from Kathmandu Valley. The guides will help you to fix the ropes that will lead you toward the summit. It might be pretty challenging to reach the summit because of its ice freeze tracks and deep slippery slow. 

The lovely view of Mount Annapurna, Manaslu, and peaks in the range of Ganesh Himal with other beautiful peaks from the summit of Ganesh Himal will make you eye-opening. This climb can be one of the beautiful climbs you will ever experience in your life. 

Mount Mera Peak

Mera Peak lies in the Sagarmatha Zone of Nepal at an altitude of 6,476 meters. The climb for the Mera summit is not that technical. Mera peak climbing can be a perfect beginner climb that will make you feel the mountain before climbing higher altitude mountains. 

Mera peak is the highest Peak in the ‘Trekking Peak’ list in Nepal. An average or beginner climber can get to Mera’s Summit without any difficulties. But there’s a change of you suffering from altitude sickness. You cannot be careless while climbing. The beauty of tall Everest is viewed from Mount Mera’s Summit accompanied by Mount Makalu,Kanchanjunga, Cho Oyu, and Lhotse.   

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