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The Difference Between Hotels And Motels

The traveler chooses a place to spend the night when he travels. That’s why they prefer hotels or motels. But many of us don’t know the difference between hotels and motels. In this article, I will discuss this in detail with you because knowing these differences will allow you to quickly determine which ones will meet your needs.

A hotel provides paid accommodation for tourists and offers many services and facilities like a restaurant swimming pool. Many hotels also their conference rooms to accommodate people in the business. Five-star hotels as a means of accommodating them rating exists.

The motel is the word that comes from the word motorist’s hotel. The term was used when collecting a tourist park in the hotel. This feature was handy for Americans and Canadians who travel long distances on major roads and inland systems. Initially, the parking lot’s front door, the parking lot’s front door in the motel doors, was a particular way to get to and from the motel.

The History of Hotels and Motels

The history of observation between the hotel and the tiniest parts will be its uniqueness. The general idea of staying overnight for hotels or travelers is as ancient as civilization. In addition to the famous Roman road system of the Roman Empire, there were hostels called “mansions,” and European medieval inns and dormitories grew.

We know that the modern hotel came in the railway era, popping up at major stations for travelers to stay. Today we are connected to the century’s hotels, such as the Savoy Hotel in London and the Statler Hotel in Buffalo, New York, with guest service, convenience, and luxury hotels.

Motels – a recent, full-American concept of “motors” and “hotels” – the emergence of automobiles in a harbor and encouraging American road trips were essential for motorists’ convenience. However, during their travels, they often stayed away from hotels and inns, leaving the hours on the street very uninterrupted for the impressive lobby of their day hotels.

Early auto camps soon began their journey to motor lodges, motor courts, and motor inns; Basically, there are several names of hotels designed for on-the-go road triggers. These were located along the main narrow road, offering an upgrade from the tent camp and giving the lodgers the ability to park right in front of their house for easy access.

The first “motel” was known in San Luis Obispo in 1925 when California architect Arthur Heineman abbreviated the name of his organization from “motor hotel” to “motel” – and so a new class of accommodation was born.

Motel and hotel differences discussed in detail. You can know everything reading step by step


The hotel and motel are different. These two are defined below.

What is Hotel

The hotel offers accommodation for travelers on a short-term or long-term basis for a few weeks. They provide basic amenities and a comfortable home-like environment such as a restaurant, swimming pool, a spa, gym, casino, etc.

The hotels have a one to five-star rating, with five stars providing the most luxurious facilities and services. Some hotels arrange conferences and meetings for business executives.

A hotel’s charges depend on its convenience, rating, location, and popularity of its brand name. You can expect to pay more than the Holiday Inn to stay at Marriott.

Travelers tend to stay in a hotel for the entire duration of their stay, but what are the benefits of a hotel.

What Is Motel

Initially, the term motel refers to a hotel near a major highway route, with parking spaces and rooms for easy access and departure. Currently, most motels have interior front doors open to common areas, usually a parking lot.

Motels are meant for short-term stays because they have fewer facilities and services for their guests. However, they provide easy access to a major road network, making it ideal for travelers willing to hit the road at any moment.

Appearance of

Single or multi-story or modified. There are open rooms inside the building.

The attached rooms can be single or second-floor buildings. Exterior.


Hotels are much more expensive than a regular motel. But its rated room type facilities are lovely, and the price goes up or down in place.

Motels cost much less than almost any other hotel due to their exceptional amenities and locations.


It is located anywhere in the city-village, often in business districts such as airports. Suburban areas attractive leisure areas etc. As well as other places and places.

Usually found near cities located on highways. Look for any places where you will find hotels in rural areas and other places.


You will find many types of facilities such as room for more than two body fitness center dining and conference room etc.

The motel does not have many facilities. You can get some outdoor games and a gym center, but it is also sporadic.


Each hotel usually has a restaurant and room service.

The hotel may not realize room service, but many motels offer free continental breakfast, including a light breakfast with cereal breakfast and tea.

Pricing strategy

Hotel is usually expensive because the quality of their supply and delivery services is outstanding, but in some cases, these uses can a hotel be cheaper.

 Motel much cheaper than hotels. Because they offer nothing but necessary facilities.

Duration of stay

Hotels do all sorts of things because at the moment they are all for business students.

Motels usually want to have guests traveling on the highway, and these owners target all these passengers.


At the present hotel, owners are diversifying and expanding their hotel services.

But the motel owner is indifferent to all activities.


Both companies employ almost all other staff, but in hotels, you are the receptionist. Packing valet elevator operators can be found even if there is a director or two on duty.

 On the other hand, you can find the receptionist and the housemaid in the motels, but you can’t find any other workers.


The primary way to distinguish between hotel and motel accommodation is their layout and construction. The hotel usually consists of several hundred rooms with several floors connected through elevators, stairs, and corridors.

But the motels usually have one or two floors, and there is a system to park the car directly.

Services provided

As these companies are different, their services are separate. Hotel room service offer a wider breadth of services, including room service, laundry, indoor swimming pools, onsite restaurants, and day spas, etc

But motel does not provide such services.

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