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It is essential for travel to be tech-enabled

In 2022 and beyond, technology will continue to play a vital role in travel. It is anticipated that tech solutions will play a pivotal role in keeping the public informed and providing guidance when making travel decisions in the future, from digital vaccine passports to real-time travel notifications.

It is expected that countries, as they begin to welcome back vaccinated travelers, will still have different requirements regarding testing, quarantines, and forms for each destination. It is vital to provide travelers with clear and current international travel requirements – plus timely updates in case of changes in travel conditions – in order to provide Aside from that, contactless technology will continue to make the travel experience easier and more enjoyable. As a result, travel companies have embraced innovative technology to protect travelers and provide instant assistance and information to them. The ability to check-in and board by contactless technology, the ability to order food and services via the app, or the ability to communicate with a concierge through Whatsapp or chat are all examples of solutions that can provide added peace of mind to travelers.

In addition, AR/VR technologies are also expected to gain in importance through solutions such as virtual tours of resort suites, aircraft cabins, museums, and attractions. The use of these technologies allows travelers to research a destination more thoroughly, which gives them more confidence when planning their trip.

More than ever, the importance of personalization and guidance cannot be overstated.

The traveler will not only look for expert guidance for their travel requirements but every aspect of their trip as well. While in the past, trip planning might have occurred by browsing review sites or doing a bit of web browsing, nowadays there is much more to consider when planning a trip. For example, how has the vaccination distribution process progressed in the destination? Is there a mandate in place for restaurants or theatres in the destination? There are many reasons why creating a daily itinerary has become a more complicated and overwhelming process for many travelers.

There is a need for travel companies to step up to the plate and meet that need. With health protocols for each attraction and insights on where and when to avoid crowds, travelers will invest additional care into their trip planning – and expect personalized support from the brands with which they travel.A travel company may want to rethink their marketing and digital strategies, integrate hyper-local destination content into their apps, social media pages, and websites, and provide their customers and their loved ones with authoritative information about the destination. There is no longer a simple connection between point A and point B in a company, but rather a source of wisdom and support along the way.

Experiences and plans that you prefer

When it comes to travelling in 2022, enhancing travel experiences will be at the forefront of travelers’ minds. The great outdoors can be both a great place to reconnect with loved ones on vacation, as well as a relaxing place to explore socially distanced areas of the world. In the new year, travelers will be looking for hidden gems, dream destinations, and opportunities for nature-focused activities, such as hiking, photography, or kayaking.

As for accommodations, cleanliness and security are a must when it comes to making the most of your stay. It was revealed in a recent survey by the European Travel Commission that over half of respondents considering travel in the next year prefer to stay in hotels or independent resorts over short-term rentals and other forms of accommodation. 

As a result of the brand’s reputation, consumers have the confidence that essential health measures will be in place. The combination of these elements, coupled with pristine natural experiences, adds an extra layer of support to the journey of any traveler.As a result, resorts can engage 2022 travelers by providing them with information about cleaning protocols, wellness programs, and eco-friendly excursions. Additionally, hotel brands with off-resort accommodations such as vacation homes or cabins are able to provide guests with accommodations that provide extra space and privacy, as well as the professional cleaning and customer service one would expect from a resort brand.

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