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North Point State Park

North Point State Park is a 1,310-acre park on the Chesapeake Bay coast at the Patapsco River’s mouth, southeast of Baltimore City. The Defenders Trail, which runs through the park, It used by troops in the Battle of 1812 when the British besieged the area. 1906 to 1946. There was an amusement park here until the year, and the park still has remnants of the amusement park era. The park has a beach where swimming allows, but lifeguards are not provided. Two fishing piers provide access to the bay, turn and scan the bay for ducks.

Habitats, including a large freshwater lake, thin wooden land, Bayshore Chesapeake coast, meadows, and farm fields. Memorable scenes include the park,  the Black Marsh Natural Area  (67 acres) of a 676767-acre section of a  state Wildlands has been designated as special Protection that limits passive entertainment. Wildlife has trails and observation platforms; Bicycles prohibit in Black Marsh but allowed elsewhere in the park. The Wildlands, along with other park areas, offer great opportunities to observe birds and wildlife, including mussels, beavers, foxes, and otters. Dragonflies found in abundance in the warm months.


Part of the park is a long stretch of paved hiker-biker trail framing known as Howl Road that is not shown on the park’s trail map – instead of joining the main entrance to North Point Road, 1.6 miles wide in the park’s main part from the town of  Edgemere. The Hull Road is wheelchair-accessible across the length. Haul Road is used in the 1800s to transport heavy goods from the steel mill at Sparrow Point at North Point’s trip to Fort Howard.


More than 240 species reported in Bard from North Point State Park. There are several Bard hotspots throughout North Point State Park.

The Black Marsh Wildlands hosts a wide variety of herons for migration in summer and autumn; a Little blue heron is abundant, and the triple color heron is possible. Cattle eggs found in the farm fields on the way to the park. Glossy Ibis also happens in the park. Warblers and other passerines come in spring and autumn transitions—wooden ducks nest in wetlands.

In winter, look for diving ducks in the Gulf, including Canvasback, Ring-Naked Duck, Greater, and Laser Scope, Ruddy Duck, Common Goldeny, and Bufflehead. Both red-throated and common lone are seen in winter. Pied-build Gravis occurs between September and May, and Horned Graves and red-necked Gravis may appear in a short window in the spring. Like; sparse grass can found on the edges or at the very edge of the pier. Look for swallows, flycatchers, viruses, and warblers in migration; Some species nest here and appear in summer.

Black Marsh Wild lands

More than half (667 acres) of the park has received legal protection as state wildlife. Bicycles prohibited in the wild. The Wildlands (including the park’s wetlands) offer opportunities to observe local birds and wildlife, including mascaras, beavers, foxes, otters, ospreys, great blue herons eagles.

Black Mars natural park

North Point is an integral part of State Park, operated by the Maryland Park Service. The lilac water contains:

  • Various wetland grasses.
  • Marsh-loving shrubs.
  • Unusual rattlesnake-masters.
  • Attractive tic-tac-toe sunflower-like flowers.

Mature forests surround the landside of the wetland.


The link on the left has been widened to the many displayed on the trail map.

Special features

Howell Road is a paved hiker-biker, a wheelchair-accessible trail that stretches 1.6 miles from Edgemey to the main park entrance. The Tacos Visitor Center will be open Wednesday-Sunday, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. YOU KNOW: The name North Point derived not from geography. But from Captain Robert North, who sailed a commercial vessel outside the area occupied by Fort Howard, on the edge of the peninsula, in the late 1700s. Captain North named the area after himself. The local chapter in the Maryland Ornithological Society is the Baltimore Bird Club. The Baltimore Bird Club is the founding chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society and remains an important center of bird activity. The club offers for people monthly meetings with informative presentations and a complete schedule of field trips and bird walks, free and open to the public.

North point state park map

From the north or east of the Baltimore Beltway / I-695

Enter the Baltimore Beltway / I-695’s Essex / Key Bridge. Follow I-695 to exit Take 42 (MD Route 151 / North Point Boulevard). At the first traffic light, exit 151 south on the MD route and endure. Take the North Point Road on the left. Follow the town of Edzim on the left, 2 miles from North Point State Park.

From the south and west side of the Baltimore Beltway

 Hold the outer loop of the Baltimore Beltway / I-695 towards the Glen Bernie / Key Bridge. Follow exit I-695 on the Key Bridge (toll) to exit 43 (MD Route 158 / Bethlehem Boulevard /). Take the exit and make a left onto the first traffic light on MD Route 158 / Bethlehem Boulevard. Follow Bethlehem Boulevard for one mile to North Point Boulevard. Cross North Point Boulevard over North Point Road. Follow North Point Road on the left with Edgemere’s town, 2 miles from North Point State Park.

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