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Private Taxi Vs Public Transport

Private taxi: London is a city of approximately 9 million. Every day people from all around the world are coming to London for various purposes. Some are coming for visiting amazing London, some are coming for their business.

By the way, whatever the reasons you will need to use transportation to reach your destination. But choosing the right transfer service is a tricky one. Actually, it depends on the purpose of your visit. For instance, if you are a tourist and wish to see London, you can choose Gatwick taxi service public transport, especially minicab. If your reason for business, I guess you will be in a hurry to reach your meeting place, so I will suggest you take a taxi.

Below I will give you short details about transport and taxicab services and then I will give my final thoughts. Hope this will help you as a London travel guide.

Public Transport: Private taxi


Most of the time tourists use the minicab if they visit London in late summer. The minicab will roam around the city and show you the tourist extraction as well. The minicab is cheaper than any other public transportation. By the way, do not forget to sit on the top deck because it gives you a chance to view the sights as well as sit in comfort.

However, you may use the underground and overground too for the fastest journey. The payment system is an oyster card and a contactless card.


Sometimes you might be in a hurry to reach your destination. But public transport will run with their rules and roads. There will be no shortcuts for you. You may also feel uncomfortable with the person sitting beside you.



Private taxis are fast and reliable. We can get one whenever and wherever you want. The driver will choose a road that is short and traffic less. Most of the drivers have local knowledge also. So they can help you to know London if you are visiting for the first time.

Nowadays, maximum taxi services take online bookings. You can book by using their website or just a call will be enough to get a taxi in front of your door.

One of the convenient benefits is that you will not need to wait in the street with your heavy luggage.


Compared to public transport, taxicab fare might be a little more. Sometimes the taxi drivers may increase their fare if they see that you are in urgency.

Final Verdicts

Public and private both are best in their own unique benefits. I will suggest public transport for those who are especially tourists. And if you have a London travel guide, it would be more fun.

And if you wish to move fast, I will suggest you a taxicab. In that case, you can try the Gatwick Airport Minicab Transfer service. They are the dependable airport transfer service in London. We can have a luxurious ride with the cheapest fare.  Gatwick airport transfer covers the main 4 airports and more than 100 areas in London.

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