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Say yes to the beauty of Serene and the pleasure of God! Passing Hampta

The dream of Hampta for trekking enthusiasts in the Valleys of Himachal Pradesh, the landscape of Kullu and Lahaul, is unforgettable. Why did you ask? Why did you ask? Hampta Pass Trek is literally an interesting landscape paradise and has changed the charming scene of Abadi Trance travelers. All trace changes are very useful, as they reveal hidden natural treasures. This expedition was truly charming thanks to the rare view of the alpine forest, glaciers, flowers,s and Himalayan fauna.

This is a moderate trip that goes to the magnificent foot of the range of Pung Panjal and Himalayas is great. When you get a height, this trace offers different nuances, from green pine forests to amazing scenery at Indrasan and Deo Tibba Mountains.

Hampta is located at an altitude of 4,270 meters on the range of Pir Panjal in the Himalayas (14039ft). It’s a pass between the Lahaul Chandra valley and the Kullu valley, in Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the best and most convenient walks of Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

A visit to the Hampta Pass Adventure Tour, along with wild flowers, the Alpine coniferous meadow, rocky walls, stunning waterfalls, and snow-white glaciers. This trail leads to the lush green valleys of Kullu. When you walk through the passe to the Lahaul Valley Desert, you will find a balcony view of another new world surrounded by mountains.

A brief review of the elevation point

The adventure starts from Manali, located at 2,050 meters. This is where you will go to Jobri by road, take you to Chika at 3,100 meters. You will travel from here to your basic camp – Balu Ka Ghera Hampta passes 3,600 meters. Also known as ‘pile of sand’, it is said that Brown Bears Hibernate in the Ghera train in winter. This place offers amazing views of the incredible range of Dauladhar.

Trekking will continue to a height of 4,000 meters in Shia Ghoru. The next stop is Chatru and then you will arrive at Lake Chandratal Crystal Clear at 4,270 meters. In addition, the flow that flows steadily, the long wavy bridge and various dynamic flowers offer exceptional excitement and peace.

Friendly locals: living in the beautiful Himalayan Himachal Pradesh area, the locals are quite provided about the traditions and habits of their lives. The socio-cultural lifestyle of farmers and craftsmen is reflected in their conventional heritage. They are nature lovers and creation. Uniquely designed crafts and paintings can be found on the market. People share great bonds togetherness and brotherhood. They will definitely help you every time you ask them about routes and even if you are lucky enough, some may offer you delicious delicious food which is delicious at a reasonable or free price.

Way to travel

Trek Pass Hampta comes from places such as Manali, Naggar and Dharamshala. Manali is well connectable to cities like New Delhi and Chandigarh by train, road, and air. The closest airport, 52 km from Manali, is Bphuntar Airport.

Railway Train Station Joginder Nagar is located at 166 km from Manali. Volvo and taxis are considered more comfortable to achieve tourist destinations.

An amazing experience of 14, 100 feet.

Actually, the story began on a boring Sunday when he spurred when I decided to give a solo trip to myself. When doing my research, I know about the exciting journey to Hampta Pass trek. I flew from Mumbai to Delhi and then took the Volvo AC bus to Manali. Because it would be my first solo trip, I was very cynical about riding a long bus without a familiar face. Strangely, the solo trip ended right on the bus, when a Korean woman sat next to me going for a pass trek. This is a fun part of a solo trip that you move alone but returning home makes some friends. While sharing some extraordinary travel stories, Alena told me that it was the 4th time she visited India.

After reaching Manali, we both rushed to the Rambael circle on Jalan Manali Mall where we met with our other members and guides. We stayed at our hotel booked that day.

The next day we headed to the Kota Pangkalan – Manali to Chika via Jobra. We drive to a certain point and from there we start trekking. When we started, the rain began to fall. Fortunately, we carry an umbrella. We climb through the forest and fertile green meadow. Because it was only the first day of hiking, I was truly panting. At that time, I felt more trained for a month before saying yes for adventure. However, the enchanting scenery of various dehodar and oak trees on the road can make you feel fresh. The slope seemed very easy for my Korean friend who was constantly smiling when he was amazed to see the natural beauty of pure!

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