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The 6 Best Capital Cities to Travel to In 2021

2020 has put a huge damper on most people’s a travel plans. COVID-19 is a modern-day pandemic on a scale that has never been seen on the planet before. The entire global economy has gone through what many have called a hard reset. Industries all over the world have all but crashed and the travel and tourism sector has naturally been one of the most affected ones. The only relief most wander-lusters have had is watching the Travel channel on Spectrum TV. But after nearly a year of quarantine and social isolation, science finally gave us hope in the form of a promising vaccine. And people are daring to hope to travel once more.

National Capitals That Make the Best 2021 Travel Destinations

The debate of whether the vaccine works or whether you should get it is not the premise of this blog. But if you intend to travel in 2021, you can expect most countries will require proof of inoculation. While you mull that over, let’s check out some of the best capital cities you can travel to once international travel is finally safe again.

Why national capitals, you ask? It’s not just public buildings and high-powered diplomatic enclaves. Many capital cities on the planet have a great deal of history and flavor. This is often because the city already had historical (or political) importance, long before the country gained independence. Others may be only a few decades old but offer every modern convenience in some of the most scenic locations in the world. Are you interested yet? Here are the best capital cities you need to put on your bucket list for 2021:

  1. Budapest
  2. Ottawa
  3. Moscow
  4. Tokyo
  5. London

Let’s examine these in more detail below.


Budapest is the national capital of Hungary and is also among the ten largest cities all across Europe in terms of its urban population. Around 33% of the country’s entire population resides in Budapest, which is both a city and a county. Budapest has a rich cultural history, having been the center of humanist refinement in Europe during the Renaissance. The city has seen Celtic, Ottoman, Mongol, and Astro-Hungarian rule. It also has a deep political significance, having been the core of many major battles as well as the Hungarian Revolution.   


Many people often mistake Toronto to be the capital of Canada. But it is actually the beautiful city of Ottawa, Southern Ontario. The city is the largest in Canada, both in terms of population and area. Ottawa is located right on the banks of the river that shares the same name. Ottawa is smack dab in the middle of the rugged and scenic Canadian countryside. But at the same time, it is a national hub for both technological firms and politicians.  


There are few capitals in this world as rich as the city of Moscow, Russia. Thanks to the last vestiges of the us-vs-them mentality of the Cold War, many still have an image of brutalist architecture and dangerous, armed men in expensive Mercedes sedans. The real Moscow, however, couldn’t be more different. From the famous “onion domes” to the Kremlin, Moscow is a vibrant city with a rich cultural and political heritage. Of course, the cold weather can get a bit extreme at times, but nothing a little Vodka can’t handle, right?


Tokyo has one of the largest population per capita in the world. It is also the national capital of the archipelago nation of Japan. It’s hard to describe Tokyo, except as something out of a cyberpunk game or a futuristic science fiction film. Despite its ancient heritage, Tokyo is the world’s one of the most advanced cities technologically. From robot serves and greeters to billboard holograms and high-tech toilets, prepare to be floored every time. That’s not to mention the best sushi and one of the best standards of living, anywhere in the world! Tokyo is a top destination in any year, but especially in 2021.


Another must-have on a list of beautiful capitals is the city of London. The city dates back nearly 43 AD when it was named Londinium under Roman rule. The city is still the ceremonial seat of power for the country’s royal Tudor family, currently headed by Queen Elizabeth the Second. The Queen is the longest-reigning monarch in history, a record previously held by her formidable ancestor, Queen Victoria. London is home to the iconic Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London, London Bridge, and so much more.

You can do just about anything in London that you could in the best travel destinations in the world. But if you miss American TV entertainment, you’ll have to wait to get back to your Spectrum cable service. British TV has a certain acquired taste, especially if you’re used to our kind of TV. But give our friends across the Atlantic a chance, particularly in the comedy department.

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