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Country Aesthetics and the Fun You Can Have

In the busy city life, I sometimes dream of a calm and serene country life. However, in reality, it’s not the life I will settle for. 

But it’s nice to dream!

If you’re anything like me, you love seeing the joyful people and the culture that come into play in the South and Midwest. But alas, we don’t live there! That doesn’t mean we can’t get a taste of the culture at times, though!

Want to revel in the country aesthetics?

I know what you should do! Just pick a place and travel to that side of the U.S. You can enjoy the food, the music, and the all-around culture that’s so different from city life. Trust me! It’s the vacation you want and need!

The Culture Shock of Country Aesthetics

If you travel to the Midwest, you’re going to find yourself in a huge culture shock. I’ll explain what I mean in a second.


When you go to the South or the Midwest, you’ll notice something is very different in the air. The place is not just serene and joyful, but it’s also pretty slow.

Slow in a good way!

When you live in city life, you get used to the busy schedules, the noisy streets, and the hustle. But the country is a whole other world!

The people there move slower and more peacefully. They take their time to enjoy their lives. And they don’t even keep up with the latest fashion trend we city people know and love.

To each their own!

These peaceful people have a bigger outlook on their lives. They are less frantic about going to places with urgency. You get the rural liveliness to look forward to if you go there for vacation.

No Arrogance

City people are arrogant!

I’m not sorry about saying this because it is true. You have to admit it. If not all, most of them definitely are.

But the country people are a breath of fresh air. They are so nice to you from the moment you start talking to them. 

They’re very modest!

Holding a conversation with them is a huge delight. They live in their own world, and they are really happy about it.

Music and Food

The food and the music in the country are nothing compared to the rock n’ roll we are used to in the city.

I know! I know!

I’m not unjustifying pop culture. But you know what I mean? There is a huge difference between the city and country people’s music taste.

They love their country music, and they have good reasons too!

And the food?

Well, let’s just say different cultures have different food preferences. The country food is vastly different and has its own food culture.

You can surely take lots of country aesthetic pictures with peaceful sceneries, amazing food, and thrilling music festivals.

Different Trends

City people are obsessed with their trends. What can I say? We all love a good trend! Be it food, fashion, or just about anything else.

When I visited the countryside, it felt so different!

It’s grounded!

The down-to-earth and easy-going lifestyle of the country people is almost the opposite of city life.

And they enjoy things that have been around for generations. So they don’t get swayed by the different viral things people are enjoying these days.

They’re not totally trendless!

But if you want to call eating a huge cheeseburger while downing it with a local, ice-cold beer, then it’s a trend!

The Wrap-Up

You can’t go wrong with the country aesthetics if you visit the South or the Midwest. There’s so much to enjoy!

The food, the music, the people, the scenery, and the overall culture is something to witness with your own eyes.

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