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Webb Road Flea Market You Can Visit

Webb Road Flea Market is popular and a local market, community, and family-based business established in 1985. The following regulations designed to ensure a safe, quality environment and benefit vendors in the Webb Road Flea Market. All ethicists and all guests need to adhere to these principles.  

Seller and good resistances   

  • WRFM reserves The right to refuse service to any person at any time. 
  • Here are no alcoholic beverages allowed on the property. It is strictly enforced. Anyone who Fails to comply with this rule will ask to leave immediately. 
  • Smoking not allowed inside the buildings. 
  •  There is no allowed except service pets. 
  • Here is no loud Or offensive music. 
  • There is no movement of bicycles, skates, skateboards, or scooters. 

Webb road flea market vendors

You can sell it here every weekend at the Webb Road Flea Market. 130,000 Sqft cover / with indoor shopping, Outdoor spaces, and 250 restaurants, It is one of the largest one-stop shopping destinations in Carolinas. Thousands of shoppers visit Web Road Flea Market every weekend. And we are open all year round.


You will find great prices on everything from A to Z under the red roof of Webb Road Flea Market. Browse new and used merchandise from over 150+ permanent vendors in 1 covered 0,000 sqft cover / indoor shopping. There are a few new weeks in the coming week with various merchandise in 250 outer spaces per week.


All face masks are a must in web road buildings.

The health and safety Of our staff, vendors, and customers are our top priority. During this epidemic, masks outside also require if six feet’ social distance is not Possible.

We hope our staff, vendors and customers have posted face-covering requirements and other social Distance directions across the entire web road fly market to. Thanks for helping us create a safe shopping environment for the web road fly market for .All those who work in Rowan County’s preferred one-stop shopping destination.

Under this executive order, all North Carolinas will be treated with respect as to whether there is any reason why They cannot cover their faces. Everyone in this state has been told to tell the truth, and if they are healthy and able to wear a mask to cover their face, Don’t put people at risk of serious illness or death. 

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