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5 Best Instagrammable Spots in Mykonos

Are you looking for some unique Instagram places in Mykonos that will wow your followers and attract new ones? When you’re in a setting like this, nothing is easy. This legendary island is not just a party hotspot, but also a popular Instagram destination. They come every year to take new stylish summer photos since it’s one of the most picturesque sites on the planet, and we’re here to show you where they go.

#1 Chora

One of the best things about this incredible area is that practically every corner looks fantastic in photos. The main reason for this is the excellent lighting, which is understandable given that all of the buildings and roadways on the island are white.

Not only that, but this is one of Greece’s sunniest regions, with many sunny days throughout the year. In July, for instance, the average amount of sunshine hours per day is 14. So even if you only stay for 5 days, you’ll be able to squeeze in a couple photo shoots. The nicest aspect is that there are so many white walls that it’s an Instagrammers’ dream.

#2 Little Venice

The must-see stop is the island’s most popular tourist attraction – Little Venice. But popularity, it is frequently congested, so arrive you should early before cruises and ferries carrying a slew of day tourists arrive at the main port.

You’ll need time to take some great pictures, so arrive before 10 in the morning for best results. This is also advantageous because the sun will not be as high as it will be at noon, resulting in better lighting. If you want to take a photo of the sunset, arrive early to ensure you obtain the greatest place.

#3 Paraportiani Orthodox Church

Almost every structure in Chora’s old town is lovely, but one of the great beauties is near the town entrance in the top portion of the town. The Paraportiani Church is one of the most beautiful structures on the island, as well as the one with the most historical significance.

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#4 Streets With Pink Bougainvillea Trees

Most houses have blue doors and window frames, which is a wonderful scene in and of itself, but when you add stunning bougainvillea trees with their vivid pink blossoms, there is no way a photograph can go wrong. Bougainvillea flourishes in hot, arid climates with moderate winters, blooming twice a year, and its pink blossoms can be seen on Mykonos as early as May. Every photograph is instantly 10 times better than a typical one when this wonderful combination of colors is used; it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.

#5 Amazing Views at Any Private Villa

This Greek island is known for its luxury villas with infinity pools and breathtaking vistas, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to create some fantastic content? You may spend time with all of your pals and capture a lot of memorable moments. Renting a yacht is another wonderful alternative, and we all know how good a photo taken from a yacht can appear.

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