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All About A Travelling Massage Therapist

The word, travelling massage therapist is a bit rare, but the job is interesting. People who love to travel can look out for this profession. Hence, they can travel the world, and earn side by side. It means you are living your passion and making money together.

Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. You do need some skills and qualifications. Like getting a course done, having a certification, obtaining insurance, and so on. Then you have to think about the repercussions of this field. Don’t stress too much, we are here to help you and tell you all about a travel massage therapist.

What Is A Travelling Massage Therapist?

The word, travel massage therapist means that it is a different work than that of a regular massage therapist. Here, the word travelling, says that the therapist is a traveller, which means, he is a mobile massage therapist. This type of therapist goes to the locations where their clients stay. It can be in a hotel, spa, home, office, etc. They carry their supplies, like oil, lotion, cream, etc., with them.

A travelling masseuse’s main job is to offer therapeutic massage to their clients in a specific location. Whereas, the travel massage therapist goes to different destinations.

People who love to travel, often choose to become travel massage therapists. And of course, they must have the proper skills to go with this profession. Besides, they must have good communication skills, and words can be therapeutic sometimes. 

How Can You Become A Travel Massage Therapist?

Being a travel massage therapist is not only about travelling and giving massages but many more. You must be qualified enough before opting for this job.

Do A Massage Therapy Course

Getting into a massage therapy programme can help you become a professional massage therapist. You can enrol in any well-known programme, like the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation. Some programmes can last for six months, and some programmes can last for even two years. For more professionalism, you can choose the programme that has more intensity and longevity.

Get a Licence

Completing a massage therapy programme doesn’t end the requirements for becoming a therapist. You have to show proof to your clients that you are actually a professional massage therapist. That’s why you must obtain a licence. 

Every country provides a licence to massage therapists when they are qualified for the profession. Since you want to be a travel therapist, your requirements are going to be a bit different. You have to acquire a licence from the particular country where you are travelling. For instance, you live in England, and you have your licence as a therapist in England. Now you are travelling in Australia, and want to provide your service in that state. In that case, you will need a licence from Australia. 

Obtain A Certification

Your certification as a massage therapist is never going to be a waste. The more qualifications you have, the more opportunities you attract. 

Usually, athletes, businessmen, elderly people, etc. seek massage therapies. They will obviously want proof from you that you are actually able to give them service. In short, you will need a certification to make more money and build a larger portfolio.

Work In A Shop

As a massage therapist, you will find available jobs in salons, spas, restaurants, and many more places. You can work there to gain some experience. 

Giving massage services can help you know more about people’s requirements. Then it can be an advantage for you when you are giving your service to different people in different locations. 

Get An Insurance 

When we say “insurance for a massage therapist,” we mean liability insurance. e clients getting injured because of a certain massage that the therapist does unintentionally. Even a highly professional therapist can make this mistake rarely. That’s why it is important to obtain liability insurance before stepping into this profession.

Make Your Client Base Strong

People will only be eager to take service from you when you have a strong client base. Now, how do you build the client base? You can interact with other massage therapists, whether in your permanent location or your present location. Then you can go with advertisements online. Or you can advertise physically by going to people all by yourself. Meanwhile, you must have solid proof of your work efficiency to impress people.

Is The Job Of Travel Massage Therapist A Good One?

There are several advantages and disadvantages to being a travel massage therapist. Now it’s all up to you whether you want to focus on the merits or demerits.

Why The Job Can Be A Good One

Let’s start with the merits. You are here because you love to travel and want to seek professions based on it. Fortunately, the travel massage therapist gets to explore new countries, new cultures, new people, etc. as they need to go to different destinations. 

Another advantage is that you have flexible working hours. As said before, the job of a travel massage therapist is quite different from that of a regular massage therapist. They are their own contractors, so they have to decide their working time on their own. If you want to work full-time, you can do that, and if you want to work part-time, you can do that as well.

As you are a traveller and a therapist at the same time, you will get to explore different types of clients. This will help you to acknowledge more about different thoughts and different opinions.

Then comes the most major benefit of a travel massage therapist, i.e., more earnings than a regular massage therapist. In turn, their demand gets high as they are more available for their clientele. 

Why The Job Can Be The Bad One

Be ready to go through some cons now. A travel massage therapist’s work environment is mostly unpredictable. It’s true that a new environment teaches us a lot, but this won’t be easy for us every time.

As an independent contractor, you are all on your own. That’s why your clients will demand it from you. Sometimes you may not feel comfortable or able to fulfil their physical demands.

Travel massage therapists can sometimes get a loaded number of clients, and sometimes no clients at all. In short, they are going to face frequent fluctuations in their work demand.

Before getting into this profession, you must be ready for your travel expenses. Besides, you have to keep a lot of things in mind. Like spending on travel less than your earnings, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travelling Massage Therapist

Where is the work of a travelling massage therapist available?

You can work as a travel massage therapist in many locations. Such as SKI resorts, beaches, cruise ships, major cities, resorts, and many more.

In which country is the job of a massage therapist in high demand?

Thailand is the best place where people can work as massage therapists. This country even has a special culture of giving massages. Nobody misses the massage service when they visit Thailand.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, a travelling massage therapist can enjoy his dream and his money at the same time. Don’t think that you have given massages to your family members many times, so you can do it as a profession. Well, no, people will ask for proof of your ability, and then you have to show them your licence and certification that we have already mentioned above.

Anyway, you can start by working at your nearby spa or resort as a masseuse and gain some experience. Then think of giving the service to different people around the world.

Meta Description 

To work as a travelling massage therapist, you must have the skill or complete a course to gain it. Then you can work in various countries on trips.

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