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Travelling Is My Therapy

For some people, it can be surprising when I say travelling is my therapy. Well, it is therapy, especially when you are going through a mental breakdown. 

Those who love to travel alone, please go for it; you will see a different you after coming back. If you want to go with your friends, that’s also a great idea. Usually, people find it more fun when they travel with their friends, and this enhances their bond too. It would be the best option to travel with your partner, especially when you need a spark in your relationship.

Now, why should you travel? Travelling will make you carefree for a certain time, help you forget the emotional breakdowns you once had, and balance your emotions up to a level. Let’s figure out more about the therapeutic benefits of travelling.

Why Do I Think Travelling Is My Therapy?

Whenever I feel sad or mentally disturbed, my friends always tell me to travel somewhere with them. I didn’t know why they used to tell me to travel since a lot of things were going on in my head. One of my friends told me, “Travelling is my therapy when I am at my lowest point.” He insisted that I try this session once. Trust me, travelling is therapy. You won’t believe me now, that’s why I have discussed some reasons below.

It Becomes A Therapy Before You Travel

Why do we get the therapeutic benefit from travelling before we step for it? When you plan to go somewhere, you anticipate the environment of your destination. You start assuming what will happen to you, what enjoyment you are going to face, what foods you are going to try, and so on. At that time, you forget all negative thoughts and stay on the assumptions of what your destination is going to give you. You almost forget about what problems you have in your life and what breakdowns you were going through.

We Become Carefree

While travelling, we enjoy the view of the way, then we take a break in the middle of the way. This all makes us forget about our daily life and stress. We see the world completely from a different angle and see a new version of ourselves. In short, we become carefree about our stressful life and get engrossed in experiencing our road trip.

Travelling Heals the Emotional Pain

As said before, travelling makes us carefree and forget about our stressful life. Let’s say you were going through a tough time. It can be a breakup, isolation, betrayal, etc. You can’t forget what has happened to you, but you want to move on in your life. In that case, travelling can be the best thing you can do. When you see the roads, people, and exotic destinations, you can divert your mind. You will be too busy exploring the tourist spots, listening to music on the journey, trying new cuisines, etc. As per my experience, travelling can help heal your emotional pain with a natural process. 

Makes Us Curious About The Surrounding 

The moment we step into travelling, we see many new things, new roads, new people, new routes, etc. This makes us curious about the surroundings. For instance, you are travelling by car and you see a big different kind of tree in your way. Then you will start making assumptions about that tree and think about what that tree was, was it a fruit tree or a flower tree? In this way, you will stay curious about certain facts that you will see while travelling.

We Become More Understanding 

Travelling is like therapy not only because it makes us happy, but also because it broadens our understanding. Be it your destination or the route of your destination, you get to see many people there. They lead a different lifestyle than yours. You may see that a farmer is having food under a tree with his wife and children. Or you may see an old lady setting clay pots on the road. These views give us indications of how different people lead their lives. We start respecting others’ struggles, culture, and so on.

Helps Rekindle The Romance With Our Partners

Most relationship therapists suggest couples go on a vacation. I have seen a woman who had fewer chances to get pregnant. Her doctor advised her to rekindle the romance with her husband and go on vacation if possible. This not only brings a spark to the relationship but also merges the happy hormones in our body.

However, that lady got pregnant after coming back from vacation with her husband even with a 20% chance of getting pregnant. This tells us how therapeutic travelling can be for couples as well. Perhaps you are searching for the old romance with your spouse but failing every time. Trust me, if you travel with him or visit an exotic place, you will surely have a beautiful experience. 

You Get To Know Yourself More

The moment you step out of your house for travelling, you step out with many responsibilities. The responsibilities are of course yours. You need to take care of your bag, manage your clothes, and transport, be alert on the way, be certain about the destination, etc. This makes you more responsible than ever and of course, you need to be a bit responsible in advance. 

Then you meet new people and new places throughout your journey. You explore different lifestyles and cultures on your trip. Then gradually you get to know yourself more. Once I saw a woman slogging hard in the land to cultivate rice keeping her baby in her lap. I cried seeing her hard work. I didn’t even realise that I was this emotional. That trip helped me a lot to know myself more. 

You Bring Memories

Travelling is the best therapy when you bring good memories. I am not saying there can’t be bad memories, the way you stand up in every situation is all that makes it good. One of my friends argued with the hotel’s receptionist when we went on our Europe trip. I thought his trip was going to be with bad memories, but no. After the argument, he sorted out the facts and then he was enjoying it like nothing happened. He was feeling and living every moment of our trip. 

When you travel, you need to feel the presence of everything that’s happening around you. Only then, you can forget your stressful life and you will feel like you are under a therapy session.

The music that you have listened to on your travels, the lady you met on the road, the pranks you made with your friends, etc all will be a memory for you. Whenever you will remember about the trip, you will smile only.

Frequently Asked Questions: Travelling Is My Therapy

Why travelling is my therapy?

Travelling is my therapy because it fixes my emotional imbalances. When I feel tired and stressed in my life, I travel to an exotic place and feel the new me. It feels like a treatment for your mental health.

Does travelling support mental health?

As per research, travelling increases cognitive flexibility, especially when you visit a different nation. This, in turn, broadens your thoughts and changes your perspectives on many things in life.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about travelling and its therapeutic benefits. Now also I would say travelling is my therapy. When I feel I need mental peace and emotional balance, I call my friends to travel to an exotic destination. It revives me mentally and refreshes me in and out.

Don’t think that only exotic destinations can give you satisfaction. If you are on a budget, visit your local neighborhoods or one of the cities in your country. Those who prefer hilly areas can visit there, and those who prefer beaches can visit there. Just make sure you are visiting your desired destination and feel every moment there. This will surely bring therapeutic benefits to you.

Meta Description 

I feel that travelling is my therapy because when I visit a new place or go through a new way, I almost forget the stress going on in my life.

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