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Is Travelling Overrated?

Whenever we hear about travelling we only assume happiness. And why not? It is all about vacation, family, friends, exotic places, etc. Now the travelling industry has come in huge demand, that’s why the spots are getting overcrowded. This can make us wonder, Is travelling overrated?

For me, travelling is never overrated. It gives us a lot to see, experience, and remember. Meanwhile, it can give you hassles sometimes. For instance, all destinations are not cool. Perhaps, the way you are choosing to go is prone to landslides. Or maybe the weather in that particular place is not right. In this way, we have several reasons to explore why a journey turns out to be bad news.

Is Travelling Overrated?

There are lots of reasons why travelling becomes overrated. The first reason is when the expenditure is more. Sometimes the rate of hotels is too high or the cost of food is too high. Then you ask yourself if your decision to travel was worth it or not. The amount that you have spent on your travelling could give you a new TV, sofa, or anything. This can bring some regrets in your thoughts and term your journey as overrated.

Our personal preferences also decide if travelling is overrated or underrated. Let’s say you like hilly areas and enjoy hiking more, but your friends are taking you to the beach and sea areas. Will this journey give you any excitement? Maybe you will feel boredom in advance and the travelling will be overrated.

What transport you are using to travel also matters to make or break your journey. If you are going through a car and your participants are high, all of them can’t get into one car. You will need more than one car. If all participants were in one transport, that would have been more enjoyable. In short, there are immense reasons to make your trip overrated.

Why Is Travelling Overrated?

Travelling becomes overrated when it gives you more hassles than enjoyment. What those hassles can be? Well, it can be the problem of accessibility, safety concerns, tourist crowds, cost, and many more. 


For example, when you visit an exotic place that is very far from your hometown, it can make you spend a huge amount. At that time you will be worrying about your expenses more than enjoying the destination.


Poor accessibility is another problem that most of us face while travelling. Some regions are hard to access. It can be due to political turmoil, economic turmoil, geographical turmoil, and many more.


Everyone likes to visit popular tourist destinations, and sadly they are often crowded. This can make your travelling experience bland as the place is full of crowded attractions and long lines. Hence, you will find the journey less authentic and means local.

Safety Concerns

Travelling can sometimes cost your health, especially when the weather is not right. This can lead to sickness and several infections. Besides, the junk food that we enjoy in destinations can disrupt our stomachs and health. When we try to discuss our problem with a practitioner, we face trouble due to language barriers.

Accidents also take place in a journey, it can be major or minor. If you face any sort of accident while travelling, your trip can be a bothersome experience for you.

In short, safety concerns and health concerns can make our travelling overrated.

Environmental Issue

We leave an impact on the environment with mass tourism. How? More tourists mean more carbon emissions and more use of resources. This, in turn, leads to damage to the ecosystem 

How To Make Travelling Underrated

The good news is it’s in our hands to make our travelling experience underrated. You just need to take advantage of the place and route you are going to.

Research About The Place

Do not reach the destination without proper knowledge. It can happen that you do not like the accommodation, the nearby places, or the route to your destination. That’s why research first about where you are going. You can start from the foods of that place, the transport required to travel to the destination, etc.

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

As said before, travel crowds are one of the reasons to make our journey overrated. The tourist spots can be full of people, especially when the weather is right. So try visiting there when the season is off-peak or low.

Visit Local Neighbourhoods

The more authentic the place is, the more graceful the journey becomes. Surprisingly, the local neighborhoods turn out more sterling than the famous destinations.

Take Valuable Insights

You may take recommendations from the local people of that place for accommodation, hotels, restaurants, markets, and so on. This can save you from making silly mistakes and save a bunch of money.

Opt For Local Dining

Don’t think expensive restaurants are always going to meet your contentment. Sometimes the local dining is also worth it especially when enjoying it with the local people. You can find them near the tourist attractions and lavish restaurants.

Benefits Of Travelling 

Travelling is not always overrated. Most often it works like therapy. Now let’s see how this hobby can make our day.

Exposure To Different Societies 

Travelling to different destinations leads us to explore different societies and lifestyles. As a result, you explore your perspectives and engage more globally.


People love adventurous trips, especially the youth. Maximum-time travelling is more like an adventurous experience. This can be due to adventurous activities or exploring new places. You will not only feel the adventure but also the excitement. 


When we say travelling offers growth, we mean personal growth. By going to new places we gain knowledge and experience. This is because travelling brings us out of our comfort zone and gives us a lot to learn. Besides, we meet new people, see new places, try new foods, experience different cultures, and lifestyles, and so on. This all brings personal growth among people.


One of the best things that travelling gives us is memories. We get to cherish the moments from the unique experiences. Sometimes the landscape, food, or the local tradition of the destination give us a lot to remember in our lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Travelling Overrated?

Is travelling overrated for cost?

Travelling can be overrated for cost and many other reasons. But those who are on a tight budget can think cost is the sole reason for trips to be overrated. This can happen especially when the accommodation, food, and transport expenses are high.

Does travelling make you happy?

Neuroscientists say that travelling gives us new experiences that help to rewire our brains. That’s why we feel so fresh and happy after coming from a trip.

Why is travelling worth it?

When we are out on a journey, we get to see new roads, new people, new accommodation, new food, etc. Besides, we learn about the cultures of the destination. All these themes make the travelling experience worth it.

Why do some people dislike travelling?

Even if everything is fine, some people will take travelling as an overrated option. It can be because they dislike changes in their daily routine or don’t want to get out of their comfort zone.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about the pros and cons of travelling. Is travelling overrated or underrated, it depends on your decision and point of view. For example, if you hate changes in your daily routine, you may not like to travel at all. On the other hand, if your route has too many road bumps, your journey will be bothersome.

Most importantly, the cost matters. Let’s say you are having fun wholeheartedly, but later on, you see your pockets are empty. That can be bad news for you. That’s why we say to do proper research about your destination, seek recommendations from other travellers, and opt for local.

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Is travelling overrated? Travelling can be overrated if your way is full of hassle, if the spot is with a travel crowd, or if the weather is not right.

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