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Canary Islands aim for attracting digital nomads

Since the pandemic, there is a great impact on remote work. Most companies offering remote work options allow the workers to choose a place to work that is convenient and inspirational. With the increase in remote work, the beautiful canary islands have been the most desired place for the digital nomads. The primary reason to opt for it is the very competitive rent costs, many co-sharing spaces, and also some of the places offer rent-free for the first six months. The canary islands is the most serene place that nestles between the coasts of Morocco and Spain and it is the most famous place amongst the remote workers making itself the remote working capital.


Why are the canary islands best for remote workers or digital nomads?

Great weather conditions:

The weather conditions are perfect. You can experience comfortable climates spanning all through the year. It is not too hot or too cold, it is mostly like spring all year. You can feel the cool breeze because of its proximity to Atlantic winds yet there are amazing sunny days as it is located to the south of Europe. Therefore it is just blissful to stay in the Canary Islands. The temperature is mild all the time making it the best place to visit or to stay for a long time. 

Ample flights to reach:

Millions of tourists travel to this incredible tourist spot every year. This is possible because of the convenient transportation. There are many international flights for travelers and also these days there are many discounts, offers and cheaper rates for flights. The travelers can avail offers while booking direct flights to Tenerife and Gran Canaria from anywhere in Europe.

Cost of living:

The cost of living in the canary islands is pretty reasonable. The entire monthly expenses can be covered in 1200 – 1500 dollars. The rents being the most flexible and affordable component in the contributing factors, the tourists can find great places with comfort and convenience. The groceries, leisure activities, and basic utilities are easily available everywhere at less cost. Also with the unique accommodations offered like co-living spaces and co-working spaces the WIFI cost is very cheap and sometimes free.

Check Out Tenerife – a fantastic Digital Nomad’s haven

The island is known for its breathtaking scenic views and it is majorly loved by tourists for the beaches and the amazing weather. There are many attractions in Tenerife making it a wonderful palace to visit and a perfect holiday destination. However, with the boom in the remote working space, it is one of the most sought-after places for remote work.


The best co-living spaces in Tenerife 

A digital nomad can easily find a cozy nook in the lovely island but there are ample co-living spaces here that make the choice of accommodation easy and comfortable. These co-living spaces provide an amazing feel with people with the same mindsets so the nomads won’t feel lonely. The most vouched co-living spaces in Tenerife are Amarilla Coliving in Amarilla Golf and Nine Coliving in La Orotava.


The Northern Tenerife

If you choose to be in the north of Tenerife it has amazing lavish greenery and coves. You will love the ruggedness of the mountainous land. It has many places to stay and the most preferred are Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna and Puerto de la Cruz.


The Southern Tenerife 

The contrast to northern Tenerife is the south which is packed with amazing beaches. The sunny bright place is close to the airport and that is why it is the most preferred place. There are places for hiking, surfing, lazy evenings at the beach, and many more places worth exploring. The best places for the nomads are El Medano, Los Gigantes, and Adeje.


Most workers could find a calm place to work during the pandemic in the Canary islands when there were restrictions to travel but Spain still managed to help the travelers to continue their work in this incredible location.

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