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Chiang Rai Long Beach: Is It Good?

Some of us eat food to live, while some of us live for food, isn’t it? And if those foodies who love to have a delicious meal over anything else, also come to Long Beach in California.

Although there is a lot to do in Long Beach, like visiting the Museum of Latin American Art, El Dorado East Regional Park, Catalina Express, Naples Island, Shoreline Village, Long Beach Waterfront, and more, the foodies go straight to find the best restaurants there.

Am I right?

Such a restaurant is the Chiang Rai Long Beach Thai Street Food restaurant, which is most noteworthy for its mouthwatering Thai cuisine.

So today, I’ll tell you all about the Chiang Rai Long Beach restaurant and why you should visit it at least once when you’re in Long Beach.

Why Go to Chiang Rai Long Beach?

The Chiang Rai Long Beach Thai Street Food restaurant is one of a kind and well-known for the delicious Thai dishes it serves.

This restaurant claims that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because of how it looks from the outside.

They do look a bit generic from the outside until you get inside. You will find the interior to have a contemporary vibe full of different colors.

And the food?

Well, that is what I am really here to talk about, right? To say the least, Chiang Rai Long Beach has a huge menu with a variety of options for everyone.

You can’t even try to eat everything on the menu, even if you went back there a few times over and over again.

It’s Thai cuisine!

Yes, the menu highlights Thai foods that mainly specialize in Thai street foods and Northern specialties.

And you can even get vegetarian dishes as they have an entire menu for vegetarians. Those dishes are also amazing!

Not up for spicy?

Don’t you worry! Chiang Rai Long Beach can gratify all sorts of the American palate, as they have various options for the level of heat you want in your food.

If you can’t stand spicy food, they have the option to make your food less spicy. And if you seek the heat, you are in for a treat.

Here’s the kicker!

I have held on to this information for far too long, and now I just have to speak up about it. Chiang Rai Long Beach does not only serve flavorful dishes because some of the customers think so; this restaurant is actually recognized even in the Michelin Guide.

Can you believe that?

Now imagine how tasty the dishes of this restaurant must be to be featured in the Michelin Guide!

They serve you dishes of all varieties, including different street noodles, street stir-fried noodles, Thai street soups, street fried rice, Chiang Rai local dishes, Thai curries, Thai entrees, salads, and so much more.

Chiang Rai Long Beach: Customer Reviews

If you can’t take my word for it, you should take a look at what the customers had to say about the food of this restaurant.

One guy says in Yelp,

“The menu is so overwhelming but the Khao Soi is a MUST try. The spices, the flavors, the meat are all *chef’s kiss*. The dish easily can be split between two people or one VERY hungry person.”

Another customer has this to say,

“Wow. My new favorite Thai place. Street Thai food made amazing! What a gem–this place. “

This one’s my favorite,

“When was the last time you ate at a place where every dish was so distinct in flavor, an explosion of spices and texture? Best Khao soi soft crab and khao soi tofu imaginable. I had to unbuckle my jeans on the car ride home.”

And these are just a couple of the reviews I share. There are so many other positive reviews of this place, and for good reasons too!

The Verdict

Chiang Rai Long Beach is not just any Thai street food restaurant in Long Beach. It is one of the many great ones that has been featured in the Michelin Guide. So if you ever visit Long Beach, you should definitely go there. 

You won’t regret it!

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