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A Complete Guide On Travelling With A Yoga Mat

Most often people cancel their trip, especially those who exercise or practice yoga on a daily basis. It’s even a good thing because no one should avoid yoga as it only does good to the body. Besides, we wonder how it is even possible to carry a yoga mat while travelling. However, we don’t want you to cancel your trip. That’s why we have gathered some tips on travelling with a yoga mat.

In this concept, you will know everything about carrying a yoga mat in your backpack and taking care of it.

Why Do You Need A Yoga Mat While Travelling?

Who will carry a yoga mat while travelling? Of course, the people who do yoga on a regular basis. They keep their fitness and mental health as their top priority. 

Let’s say you are one of those fitness freaks who can’t do a day without yoga, and at the same time, your friends have planned a trip. This trip can be for many days or even half a month. What will you do then? Stop doing yoga for those days? No right? You will try to find a way to do your yoga even if you are on a backpacking trip.

You will hear from many people that skipping exercise or yoga for a couple of days won’t be a bad idea. It’s even logical that you won’t get any adverse effects by skipping yoga for some days. But that will be a bad idea if you keep skipping it for many days. Moreover, a distraction from the routine doesn’t let us stay in peace. So try not to forget your yoga mat when you leave your house for travelling. 

Your whole journey and the days of your trip may include junk food. At that time, you will gain calories and weight. This can make you lethargic, especially when you have stayed away from these for many years. Don’t worry if you take junk food to a certain amount; your yoga exercise is going to save you.

It is super easy to use a yoga mat. Just lay the mat on any flat surface and practice your exercise. It can be on the balcony, rooftop, camping, etc.

Tips For Travelling With A Yoga Mat

So now that we have learned about the importance of a yoga mat while travelling, it’s high time to go through a complete guide for carrying it. Also, we will mention here the necessary tips to maintain your yoga mat on your trip.

The Right Way To Carry Yoga Mat While Travelling 

There is no point in carrying a yoga carpet while travelling unless you know the right way of carrying it. Your mat is going to stay safe on the journey when you secure it properly. For that, you must opt for a backpack that has straps to hold anything properly. These bags are specially designed for travellers who carry tents or walking poles with them. Fortunately, those bags are able to hold yoga mats too. It will be better if you go with the bags that have compressible straps for better security. 

Don’t think that fastening the mat too tightly is going to provide a better grip. You must limit the grip, or else the mat won’t be in a good state.

Choose A Mat Of Fine Material

A good material in your yoga mat can ensure its quality and longevity. One thing you must note is lighter mats are going to provide lesser grip and heavy mats are going to provide better grip. You have to decide your priority and then choose the mat for travelling. 

Well, rubber yoga mats provide better grip, but are heavier. On the other hand, foam yoga mats are lighter, but offer lesser grip. All things apart, you must see if the material of your mat leaves any environmental impact or not. The more eco-friendly your mat will be, the more ease you will feel while doing yoga.

Consider Your Comfort

While travelling, thin yoga mats are going to be a better option I think. They fold easily and get into the tent straps with a click. Their thickness is around 1 mm. But if you can’t compromise with the padding or have difficulty exercising in a thin place, go with a thick mat. Their thickness ranges around 2 mm.

Keep The Mat Clean

You have many supplies to clean your regular yoga mat in your house, and that’s why It’s easy to clean the mat there. But what if your travel yoga carpet gets dirty? Besides, it is not easy to take all the cleaning supplies on your journey. Don’t worry, you can make a cleaning agent that can be helpful to clean the mat within a few seconds.

Make a solution with vinegar and water; one part should be vinegar and the two parts should be water. This solution can only be applicable when your mat is labelled safe. Anyways, store this cleaning solution in a spray bottle and take it in your back when you pack the mat too. While cleaning the mat, you need to spray the vinegar solution on it and rub it with a clean cloth. Then let the mat dry on air.

Take Proper Care Of Your Yoga Mat

We all have one readymade excuse available with us while carrying a yoga mat on trips. That is, not getting the facilities to take care of the mat as we are not in the home. Trust me, it is actually an excuse. If you want, you can really take care of your mat even if you are travelling.

You must be certain that wherever you are, you must ensure that you are extending your mat’s life. The first thing you have to do is keep it clean. We have already mentioned how to keep your yoga carpet clean. This solution can also help your mat to stay odour-free.

Keeping the yoga mat clean is not just enough to extend its life. Some additional steps are also important. Hopefully, you will keep your yoga mat rolled in the strap of your bag, and it will remain in that position for a long time. This will disrupt the shape of the carpet and disturb you while performing yoga. That’s why we would suggest folding and unfolding your yoga mat often; not only when performing yoga. Also, ensure not to curl the edges, or else you won’t get a straight texture.

Frequently Asked Questions On Travelling With A Yoga Mat

What are some yoga mats that can be best for travelling? 

Here are some decent choices of yoga mats that can be your best friend while travelling. 

  • Liforme Cosmic Moon Yoga Mat
  • Sustainable Non-Slip Jute Yoga Mat
  • Foldable Cork Non-Slip Travel Yoga Mat
  • Viavito Yoga Mat
  • Manduka eKO SuperLite Yoga Mat

Is travelling with a yoga mat allowed?

You may think that all cabin luggage doesn’t allow yoga mats to be carried in the bag. Fortunately, all cabin luggage allows a yoga mat if the thing is within the limited weight.

Can you do yoga without a mat?

A yoga practitioner should always perform yoga on a mat to avoid any sort of difficulty. He may get hurt on the knee as the pressure from the floor will provide more discomfort to us. If not a yoga mat, you can use a towel or a blanket to get the padding that a yoga mat provides.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about travelling with a yoga mat. Hopefully, you are now clear with the concept of carrying the mat and the methods of keeping it safe.

For better convenience, try choosing yoga mats that are travel-friendly and environment-friendly. Also, you should consider your priorities, like thin padding, thick padding, material, etc. And if it is becoming too difficult to carry the yoga mat, you can simply lay your cloth or towel on the floor and perform yoga on that.

Meta Description 

Travelling with a yoga mat is not difficult if you know the right ways to keep it. Just make sure you do your best to extend its life, not descend its life.

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