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Is Full Time Travelling Possible?

You will see in reels and podcasts about people sharing their journey on full time travelling. The title will freak anyone out assuming that how can someone travel full time? Well, it’s possible, only if you want it to die hard. 

Travellers first ensure proper planning and budgeting before stepping out of their house. Meanwhile, full-time travellers have a bigger picture. You may think how do they earn then? Is it all about spending money? 

This concept will tell you how you can travel all the time and still lead a beautiful lifestyle.

How To Manage Full Time Travelling?

Many people consider full time travelling a fantasy. But I have seen a couple who is travelling with three kids and two goods full time. I was amazed to hear their story. But when I went deeper into their doings, I knew that this family followed some steps that made their dream come true. Here are those steps.

Create Your Goal

The rule of thumb says, to feel your goal before achieving it. It means you need to visualise the thing that you want. Well, you can create a vision board to make it more real. Also, it is going to remind you about your goal every time you see it.

I once made a graphic that shows I am in my dream destination. Trust me, this actually helped me to get into that place, I don’t know how. 

This is not the only way to create your vision board. You can keep a picture of your destination and stick it anywhere in your room. Alongside, you can keep a picture of your means of transport to travel. Let us say, you want to travel with an RV, so keep a picture of the RV in your room.

The easiest way would be collecting pictures from Pinterest and making a vision board on your phone. Then keep every picture of your goal and way to goal on your phone. You can make that board the wallpaper of your phone, and you will remember your goal every day.

Get Rid Of All Excuses 

It is true that full-time travelling is not an easy task. You almost have to sacrifice the usual routine that other people follow. But if you take travelling as a passion you shouldn’t make any excuses. You have to make sacrifices to live your desired life but with a detailed vision.

Make up your mind thinking that the more you gather excuses, the more you are gathering hindrances towards travelling. In short, no excuses means no hindrance to travelling. If you want something from the bottom of your heart, you get energy from within to get that thing.

Pay Off All Debts

This is the first thing you must do before stepping for your destination. You can never stay at peace while travelling when your creditors will call you then and then to pay the debts.

Your trip should be stress-free, especially when you are travelling full-time. For some months, keep your expenses low and save more to pay off your loans. 

I have seen many travel bloggers who couldn’t make their blog posts that jolly as their debts made a home in their heads. I don’t want you to be the victim of the same shit.

Save Money

Since childhood, we all were taught to save some money after meeting our expenditures. You need to follow this rule while travelling as well. After paying the electricity bills, water bills, and everything, make sure you have some money to save. And this money should be part of your travel fund.

It will be easier for you to save money when you get rid of unnecessary expenses. For instance, we sometimes buy new clothes, try food in new restaurants, and do other things that are really not needed. Cut off those budgets and think of saving a dollar every time.

Make A Budget For Full Time Travelling 

None of us can afford to go to every place and try everything in this world. We have to first know how much we have so that we can spend accordingly. Those who make their household budget can relate to this. But this time, you need to decide your expenses will vary on how much, where, and how you are travelling. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do any exact calculation for this, you can ensure an estimated value. People who travel full time, mostly use an RV, car, or sailboat. Your expenses are also going to depend on how luxuriously you want to travel.

Make sure you determine certain facts before you step out for the trip. For example, you must be certain about the months that you will be travelling, the place where you will be travelling, how quickly you want to travel, and so on.

Many of us like to travel with family, friends or partners. If you are on the same page, you have to know what your companion’s expectations are. Then you have to make a budget based on his wants and demands too.

Be Location Independent 

You can enjoy your full time travelling fully when you become location-independent. Try to earn money wherever you go. Your additional goal should be making money rather than spending, even if you are travelling.

Most people run websites or work as bloggers. This includes affiliate marketing, partnerships, reviews, sponsorships, and so on. Other sectors can be working as a freelancer, virtual assistant, or selling products and services. You can sell the products both offline and online. For example, you can try selling your products to the people who you see on your way to travel and to your destinations. Then you consider selling them on online stores, such as Etsy, eBay, etc. Another outstanding job job can be photography. Just take photos, create content, and let the currency flourish.

Sell Your Stuff 

Sometimes you need to get rid of your stuff to make travelling your first priority. I have seen many travellers travel full-time and sell their houses and cars. Hopefully, you are not travelling with your car, and you won’t need it for several months. Then what’s the point of keeping it like a rice bag? For many travellers, selling their cars was their best decision. The same goes for houses. You won’t visit your house for several months. By selling it, you can gather lots of money which is going to help you on your trip. You can take AirBnb on rent until you are busy travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions On Full Time Travelling 

Is full time travelling necessary?

It depends on the traveller whether he wants to travel full time or not. If his dream was to travel and if he gets relaxation in this, then full-time travelling won’t be less than a necessity for him.

Why do people like to travel?

Travelling gives us a lot more than we think. We learn many languages, explore different people, different cuisines, different people, and so on. Also, people who want an escape and make new friends, take travelling as a wonderland.

Does travelling do any good?

Travelling does a lot of good for our mental health. It helps reduce stress and free us from anxiety. Besides, we get to know more about ourselves and the world.

Final Thoughts 

You can make your full time travelling worth it when you travel slowly. This will be less tiring and save a good amount of money. As we said, try to be location-independent when you travel full-time. This can flow dollars into your account when you are already having your best time.

Travelling is more about learning than enjoying. The slower you travel, the more you get to know about the place and the people. But make sure you have stepped out after paying off all debts, with a bunch of money, and proper planning.

Meta Description 

Nothing can be better than full time travelling when you are truly passionate about it. But you must make a proper plan for this in prior.

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