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Best Place in Bahamas to Visit on Your Next Vacation

Don’t you love sunbathing on a beautiful beach with powdery sands only to occasionally get up for a swim a few steps away from you in a stunning blue sea? 

Hold that thought!

Now are you also someone who loves going to overseas travel destinations when you get to go on your long-awaited vacation? 

If that’s the case, you should definitely be aiming for the Bahamas! But the thing with that is that most people don’t know about the best place in Bahamas to visit.

Don’t you worry!

I have created a list of the best places you should absolutely visit when you are in the Bahamas on your vacation.

Let’s start!

Harbour Island

I have to say, Harbour Island is the best place in Bahamas to visit, well, at least one of the best places.

Want luxury?

You will have no problem with that because  is actually where rich people and even a lot of famous people go for a hideaway.

So you have to expect that there must be some luxurious aspects to this island in the Bahamas, apart from the beautiful view.

Locals call it Briland!

And this island has been around for ages, making it a really old settlement in the Bahamas and also the very first Bahamian parliament location.

You will not only get to visit the cute cottages in Harbour Island but also the stunning pink-sand beaches that will certainly take your breath away.

And you can also visit the chic resorts this island offers to its travelers from all around the world. You can take part in activities like diving, fishing, snorkeling, and, your favorite, sunbathing.

Grand Bahama Island

I can’t continue on talking about the Bahamas without also mentioning the most wonderful Grand Bahama Island.

This island is situated in the northernmost part of the Bahamas, and it is one of the most visited islands there.

Many things to do!

When you visit Grand Bahama Island, you can take advantage of some worthwhile tourist packages, as well as some must-have cruise ship packages.

Lucaya Beach is one of the best tourist spots in the Bahamas, with tourist attractions such as shopping, entertainment, and dining.

And Port Lucaya Marketplace!

If you do decide to visit the Port Lucaya Marketplace, you will be amazed by all the sensational stalls selling jewelry, souvenirs, straw goods, and other products.

There’s also a marina there, which is very famous to all sorts of boaters and tourists. If you’re into that, you should go!

And there’s also Garden of the Groves, where you can go to see the amazing lush plantings and different native birds if you’re a nature lover.

Andros Island

Remember how I talked about fishing and diving before? Well, if you are someone who is really into these, the best place in Bahamas to visit is Andros Island.

For all kinds of divers and anglers alike, Andros Island is actually a sort of paradise you can’t deny the beauty of.

This place hosts the 3rd largest barrier reef that you can find in the entire world. And you can even see some amazing underwater caves and blue holes there.

Underwater wonderland!

Interested in fly fishing? Say no more! Andros Island is also known as the world’s bonefishing capital.

And you can even visit the five different national parks, as well as the Androsia Hand Made Batik Factory for shopping when you are there.


Looking for the best place in Bahamas to visit on your next vacation? Well, there are actually a lot of great places you can visit when you travel to the Bahamas, but the ones I talked about are the best, in my opinion.

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